Tarisland Guide: The Best Tips for Beginner Players

Have you ever played WoW? If yes, then Tarisland might be the perfect replacement for you. At first, Tencent’s game will seem quite familiar to the good old classic, especially if you’re a hardcore MMORPG player. Still, you’ll have an entirely new world of picturesque biomes and fascinating cities to explore. Of course, exploring is the easy part of the game – to get a smooth start, you’ll need the proper preparation and knowledge. From crafting your first items to leveling up faster, the following Tarisland guide will help you go in and thrive in no time. The island awaits you, so read on to begin your adventure:

Brief Overview of The Tarisland World

Tarisland is an MMORPG developed by Tencent that was released just recently on the market. Being the latest hit in its category, it introduces a vast open world, which many compare to World of Warcraft. Of course, MMO game lovers can choose from 9 unique classes and explore various features like dungeons, boss raids, PvP battlegrounds, Tarisland boosting, and more.


Vast Open World

Similar to World of Warcraft, Tarisland has a vast open world with biomes ranging from lush forests to barren deserts. While areas vary in difficulty, they are fully explorable on foot or with land or flying mounts. As expected, the captivating fantasy realm is full of hidden dungeons, secret quests, and rare resources.

Class System

There are currently nine classes in Tarisland, each with unique skills and abilities. The classes can be divided into three archetypes: Fighter (Warrior, Shadow Swordsman, Barbarian Fighter, Paladin), Mage (Phantom Necro, Mage, Priest), and Rogue (Ranger, Bard). While the game is relatively new, some platforms already offer Tarisland boosting services.

Raids and World Bosses

For players seeking a challenge, Tarisland features difficult raids and world bosses that require teamwork to defeat. Raids are instanced dungeons tuned for groups of 10-30 players. World bosses are powerful monsters wandering the open world that multiple raid groups can engage simultaneously. Defeating a world boss or completing a raid on greater difficulties offers a chance at rare loot and gear.

Crafting and Player Economy

Professions are a typical feature inherited from other MMOs and are pretty straightforward. Players can choose among Forge, Artisan, Tailoring, Jewelry, and Alchemy and level up their skills by gathering resources in the open world. Just like in WoW, users can buy and sell crafted potions, weapons, armor, and other goods by setting up shops in towns. There is also an auction house where everyone can post items for sale when offline.

Top 5 Tips for Beginner Players


Choose a Supportive Class

As a new player, choose a class that provides support to your teammates, like the Priest or Bard. Their healing and buffing abilities are always useful, even if you’re still learning the ropes. In other words, you’ll be a valuable addition to any team, even if you’re not a pro.

Focus on Gameplay Mechanics

Take time to understand the basic gameplay before joining high-level battles. Learn how the combat system works, how to gather resources, complete quests, and navigate the map. The tutorial covers the basics, but practice and experience are the best teachers.

Join a Helpful Guild

Find an active guild that welcomes new players. Guildmates can answer questions, suggest gear or skills, and join you on quests. Some guilds even offer structured mentorship programs to help new recruits get up to speed. Building connections with more experienced players is key.

Start with Easy Quests and Battles

Don’t rush into difficult battles or high-level quests until you’ve honed your skills. Begin with easier tasks to build confidence and familiarity. Pay attention to the recommended level for quests and dungeons—if it’s too high for your current level, keep gaining experience before attempting them.

Have Patience and Ask Questions

Don’t get discouraged if you fail. Every player must start somewhere; there’s nothing wrong with asking questions. Check guides and tutorials, or ask your guildmates for help. With regular play, the gameplay will become second nature.

How to Earn Coins and Level Up Fast

Progressing quickly in Tarisland can be an arduous task that requires dedication and consistency. Along with the experience points (XP), doing quests and dungeons will help you accumulate Tarisland gold. Of course, other factors like guilds, mounts, and crafting will further propel you into the higher ranks. Here’s a complete list of the things that will help you become a pro overnight:

Complete Quests and Dungeons

Quest completion is arguably the fastest way to gain XP and level up. Typically, players follow a standard lore with tasks given by non-player characters (NPCs) in villages and towns. These quests usually involve defeating enemies, exploring dungeons, or crafting items. Dungeons contain dangerous enemies, valuable loot, and XP. Form a party with other players to defeat 5-man instances like Dim Cavern, Library of Chaos, Camp Carlyan, and others.

Do Your Daily Quests

Daily quests reset every day and provide quick XP and coins. They involve simple tasks like gathering resources, crafting basic items, or visiting locations. Daily quests are usually located in major towns marked with a blue exclamation point. Even though the rewards are small, the XP and coins add up over time.

Craft and Sell Items

Crafting items to sell at the Auction House is an easy way to earn extra coins. Gather raw materials while doing quests and dungeons, then craft items like armor, weapons, food, or potions to sell. Check current Auction House prices to determine the most profitable items. Joining a guild provides access to special crafting stations to make high-level items. Players will always need consumables, so potions and food tend to sell quickly.


When it comes to exploring, Tarisland surely has what it takes to hook MMO fans. Its vast world and familiar interface make it a hotbed for beginners looking for a fresh start. But don’t get overwhelmed by all there is to see and do. Take your time to enjoy the journey, and don’t worry about racing to the endgame content. Simply focus on the main story quests and explore at your own pace. Of course, there are many fun side activities like fishing, crafting, and PvP arenas to try out. Most importantly, join an active guild to find friends. With the help of these tips, you’ll be well on your way to thriving on your Tarisland adventures.

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