Persona 5 Royal – One of the Best Game for your Play Station

Persona 5 Royal, the fantastic game, grabbed the PS4’s highest rate in Platinum Completion as an exclusive game title.

Well, there’s no limitation in the number of game developers boasting of having the world’s most loyal fans, but only a few games are worth showcase the same claim. Persona 5 Royal undoubtedly falls into that second category. Persona 5 Royal, with the vast fan number of players in the enhanced version of the acclaimed RPG, stands tall as the highest Platinum Trophy completion percentage among other PlayStation games.

Persona 5 Royal: Game of the Year

Persona 5 Royal is a burning example of maintaining its class. The videogame already had excellent gameplay back when it was popularly known as RPG. And now, it’s a level up to the next upgraded version.

It had grabbed the standard “game of the year” edition title because of its extra content thrown into the gameplay.

Just as in Altus’ 2016 JRPG magnum opus, the 2017 Persona 5 Royal has been upgraded, polished, and expanded in a meaningful and positive manner.

The game has more than 130 hours of Tokyo adventure. Moreover, the unusual domain of the human mind, the immense love and attention to detail hiding around, and the simple twists in the storyline is just mesmerizing.

Persona 5 Royal: Perfect version of perfect RPG

Atlus had released persona 5 Royal in Japan in 2017. Atlus is a JRPG about teenage punishers possessing supernatural powers.

Persona 5 Royal was previously known as RPG, launched as an enhanced version of Persona 5 Royal in 2017. This new version of the game addresses the original’s problems with a top-up of new characters and a few gameplay twists. Persona 5 Royal is a progressed version of an already exciting game RPG, with an elegant and noticeable update.

Persona 5 Royal showcases an improvement on one of the greatest RPGs of the modern generation. The fantastic addition, such as a completely new semester, Royal’s headline action, etc., compels players to be addicted to the game.

Original Persona 5 Verdict: An Overview

Persona 5 is an updated verdict of a massively gorgeous JRPG game. JRPG offers over 100 hours of gameplay for finalists.

The fantastic and stylish dungeon design of the original Persona 5 Verdict is an absolute joyful exploration.

An Overview on Persona 5 Storyline

This videogame begins with a Joker, the protagonist of the game. Police halt the protagonist from letting in chaos. The adventure storyline is praiseworthy as it doesn’t tend to bore the player with unwanted characters. Moreover, the series of flashbacks within certain intervals of time allows gamers to experience the events firsthand.

Persona 5 Royal: Animation and Stylish Highlights

Showtime attacks featured in this royal game are an excellent entertainment addition. The devastating super finisher style offered here is unmatchable.

Moreover, Persona 5 Royal has amazingly used the animation style to highlight the gamer’s personality and relationship.

Showtime with famous characters as such Makoto and Haru adds a thrill to the game.

Random trigger to finish off an enemy amazingly layers an extra dose of drama and unpredictability to the game.

Persona 5 Royal encourages its players to update the same old and usual tactics.

Persona 5 Royal: Gameplay

The gameplay counts in navigation through the streets of Tokyo. The Final Fantasy series known as XCOM is the best part of Persona 5 Royal Gameplay.

Attacks against the enemy, magical powers, magical creatures, sudden thrust, etc., make this game an awesome playthrough.

Moreover, the game features several unlocked Personas with powers to attacks in combat. On the whole, Persona 5 Royal is a simple videogame system but an addictive one.

Persona 5 Royal: Sound System

The sound quality and background music system are mind-blowing. Every gamer is sure to get caught into excellent sound attention. The upbeat, acid-jazz styling and the overall music treat are catchy as well as uniquely written. Japanese Shoji Meguro is the soundtrack developer for Persona 5 Royal.

The 80 Hours Completion Time – A few weeks back, Persona 5 Royal revealed itself to be the videogame format that can take over 80 hours to reach its completion point. Well, there’s no doubt why Persona 5 is being dedicated to being the pursuit of Platinum Trophies.

Enhanced depth to the grind: Persona 5 Royal

The updated version of Persona 5 Royal showcase many changes in its battle system. This change added zest to the action and reaction.

With a lot more depth to the grin, Persona 5 seemed over-exciting.

P5R stretches its gameplay way longer than other games. It adds on a lot more new characters to the gamer’s team. The introduction of new school counsellor Takuto Maruki marks worthy and meaningful storylines.

Persona 5 Royal avails gamers with a unique feature, i.e. real-world Tokyo landmarks. This world allows players to hang out with friends or teams.

The energetic comic-based graphics, amazing soundtrack, and edgy characters mark the unique “Style” of Persona 5 Royal.

Talking about the writing, it’s more than excellent. The plot, the twist, the voice, the acting, and the overall story are capable enough to engage any player in the game.

Persona 5 Royal: Aim for Global Success

In an interview with Famitsu Weekly, Sujhi Utsume; Sega, Chief Strategy Officer and General Manager of Japan-based studios, announced to see the Atlus game as a global success.

And so, Sega launched the Atlus Persona series in 2017 across Eastern and Western regions simultaneously. And as of now, Persona 5 Royal is a global success with the highest rate in Platinum Completion as an exclusive game title.


Metacritic’s annual ‘Best Video Games’ list is topped by Persona 5 Royal. PS4; The highest-rated game title of 2020 across all platforms.

Hence, both Persona 5 and its re-released version, Persona 5 Royal, are extremely highly rated gameplay in 2017, 2020, and now in 2021.

But, the only criticism is based on the price tag as the game offers only full retail launching. Anyways, the quality provided seems to balance the price tag.

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