Animal Crossing Horizons is one of the best life simulation game for Nintendo Switch, which offers charming, fully alive, and endless ways to design your dream island like a paradise.

If you are a charm-lover, you will find Animal Crossing New Horizons to be the perfect video game.

Animal Crossing is an updated series of its previous iteration game. But, this version offers better graphics. Moreover, the DIY crafting used in the game offers you to decorate the island of your dreams.

Exploring the dream island

Animal Crossing Horizons is exclusively available for you on Nintendo Switch. You can experience the adventure and escape into the island once you land into the game.

Animal Crossing offers you a choice among the 4 proposed islands. Once you choose your island, you are into the adventure. Tom Nook helps you settle down onto your dream island. Decoration and re-setting of the island solely rest on the gamer’s actions. The game also has a coin collection task. The more you earn the coin, the better adventure you can experience.

So in Animal Crossing Horizons, you will be placed inside a tent amid an isolated and wild nature. An excellent add-on is you will be placed somewhere in the middle of the vast ocean. Such gameplay seems like a dream coming true!

Remarkable features

What you will love the most in Animal Crossing is “Decision Making”. It all rests in your hand! Whether it’s a choice between the Southern hemisphere or Northern Hemisphere, or choice of island’s inhabitants. Moreover, the inhabitants possess customized physic such as face cutting, hair colour, gender, etc.

Build your dream castle over and over again with Animal Crossing New Horizons! The more visitors you attract, the more exciting gameplay will be!

The crazy features of this gameplay are home building, designing shops, bridges, rivers, etc. You will love the crazy topographic changes, just like your dream island. You might take a quiet number of days or even months to unlock many courses, but anyways Animal Crossing features surprises and a fabulous island stay!

As days pass by on the game, you will look for more spaces so that all the objects collected gets fit into the island.

You can craft objects, receive gifts, buy materials, etc., which will all add up to the adventure. You will have to design a workbench, collect wood, tree branches, and stone! These tasks will sometimes be frustrating, but other times you will love the experience!

You might find your island to be very small at the beginning stages of Animal Crossing Horizons, but the ongoing activities and events one after the other will make your adventures stay even more enjoyable!

Thriller Experience with Tom Nook

Have a look at some of the thrill experiences: Unlocking your house, building your museum, collecting fossils, constructing shops, decorating homes. These actions will help you invite new inhabitants.

You need not be tensed, as Tom Nook will constantly guide you! Gradually you will see your island is full of resources ready to be harvested. The fruit-hunting trees will provide you with a particular type of fruit-based on your island type. Moreover, you can visit other wild islands anytime to collect other fruits or resources such as minerals, insects, fruits, trees, fish, etc. You can find happiness and prosperity in the gameplay of Animal Crossing Horizons.

If you ever wish to visit your friend’s island, you can! You can view their island, creation and play the adventure game together. But not in the case of the wild islands. To enter other’s wild islands, Animal Crossing will charge you. You have to purchase a special ticket worth 2000 Miles. Collecting Miles is just similar to the collection of classic bells.

The Gameplay

The gameplay offers you Miles programs; you have to accomplish unique daily tasks to unlock the miles.

Animal Crossing Horizons let you do all that you always wanted to do! Spend hours in the game to cut wood, collect fossils, invite the inhabitants, water flowers, design objects, decorate your house, change the island’s map, capture insects and butterflies!

Design and Crafting

The crafting such as workbench requires a lot of labour, and Tom Nook’s helping hand will fill your day with joy!

Once you’re habituated to design and craft, you will do all these activities very quickly. Patience, resources, DIY plans are essential elements of Animal Crossing Horizons.

Workshop: Collect Bell or Miles

You will also be offered workshop participants so that you can personalize your collections. The workshop avails you with examining your tools and decorative elements.

From the workshop, you can improve your home’s interior, garden, and overall island look. You will come through Nook Shopping Terminal, which is the platform where you need to grab up a maximum number of bells so that you can buy useful fossils, stones, statues, garbage cans, fountains, toys, trees, flowers, etc.

You can buy decorative items from the shopping terminal in exchange for either bells or Miles.

Magical Atmosphere

The tiny island offers you a magical atmosphere such as parties, inauguration, etc. You can easily participate in such programs with other inhabitants. Isn’t it mesmerizing to uproll yourself into the dream island that belongs only to you? It is!

On the whole, Animal Crossing is a complex bundle of activities and inexperienced thrill! So, getting bored for a single second isn’t its cup of cake! You create, make, decorate, learn, improve, invite new inhabitants, and own the island!

The game has shooting stars to observe at night! It also has moving buildings to view!

You can visit museums, walk around, rest in gardens, chat with characters, interact with emotions. Well, the entire stay over your dream island is a good life.


To conclude, Animal Crossing New Horizons is much more than adorable! It’s a unique and colourful world, with lovely layouts. It offers a satisfying experience for every player. No boundaries, no restrictions, just exotic adventure! All in all, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a real piece of paradise and platform of complete freedom.

A real gameplay paradise with much pleasure that will make you fall in love!