Whatever your business does and whomever it’s products and services are aimed at, there’s a good chance that the COVID-19 outbreak has wrought some pretty massive changes for you. It’s likely caused you to rethink your operations, practices and procedures. It’s made you feel as though your customers are a million miles away and that your call to action is falling upon deaf ears. The good news is that you’re far from alone. All over the planet, businesses just like yours are grappling with new ways to motivate their employees, facilitate easy communications between teams and engage with their clientele.

If you haven’t already begun using content marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy, this can be a great way to build value in your brand and maintain a line of communication with your target audience during this challenging time. If you have already started using it but never quite got the response you were hoping for, now’s the time to up your game and pique your audience’s interest…

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of brand generated content such as blog posts vlogs / videos, infographics and “How To” guides. These are used to give consumers something for nothing and create positive associations with your brand.

Yet, while it can be a highly effective, not all businesses use it to its full potential. Hopefully, you now have a little extra time on your hands (even if it’s just time you’re not spending amidst the rush hour commute). Why not use this time to focus on your content marketing game.

Showcase your expertise

Trust is more important than ever to consumers in these troubled times. Fortunately, you have the years of experience and hard won expertise that can help them in practical ways and earn their trust. However, they only know this if you take the time to show them. Create content that demonstrates your knowledge and showcases your expertise while still being accessible and entertaining.

Reinforce your value proposition

Your content marketing materials should also demonstrate your commitment to going the extra mile. It should include lots of positive language and frame conversations around your ability to deliver solutions for your clientele.


Content marketing endeavors tend to fizzle out when they are carried out on an ad hoc basis with no clear strategy. You need to use a calendar template and create a content calendar that hits on carefully chosen points at strategic times. This can make for much better audience engagement.

Deliver content that readers value

Your content marketing is an opportunity to demonstrate value… but if you’re not careful it can come off as grandiose our self-praising. Make sure that your content is tailored to what your audience wants to learn about. It should always address their common issues, problems and pain points and help them find practical and workable solutions.

Engage with comments and queries

Finally, when you post links to your content on your social feeds, pay close attention to reader / viewer comments. These are a great opportunity to engage with your audience and show them that your business has a personality and a human side with which they can engage. This can go a long way towards earning their loyalty throughout the lockdown and beyond!

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