Buried Treasure in Minecraft is a thrilling aspect of the game that offers exciting rewards and challenges for players. Exploring the vast digital world of Minecraft, you have the opportunity to embark on treasure hunts, uncover hidden chests filled with valuable loot, and experience the satisfaction of unearthing long-lost riches. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the intricacies of finding buried treasure in Minecraft.

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft?

Step 1: Visit the Ocean Biome

For a secure approach, head to the water biome and locate dolphins. Upon finding them, capture some Salmon and Cod, then offer the raw fish to the dolphins.  Upon feeding the dolphins, they will guide you toward either a Shipwreck or Underwater Ruins. It might be necessary to provide them with a few more fish before they lead you to your desired destination.

Step 2: Locate a Shipwreck

Minecraft Treasure 1

Next, scout for a shipwreck in Minecraft. These sunken ship remnants can be found in Ocean, River, and Beach biomes. Typically submerged underwater, although, in rare instances, a shipwreck might be discovered on land within a Beach biome.

Step 3: Locate the “Map Chest”

Minecraft Treasure 2

Within every shipwreck, there are up to three chests – the Treasure Chest, Supply Chest, and Map Chest – each holding various loot. To acquire a treasure map, you must find the map chest.

Although map chests aren’t explicitly labeled, they are consistently positioned in the lower section of the ship. If you come across a map chest, there is a 100 percent guarantee that it will contain a buried treasure map.

Step 4: Unlock the “Map Chest” and transfer the “Buried Treasure Map” to your inventory

Once you’ve located the map chest, move the buried treasure map to your inventory to pinpoint the treasure’s location.

The chances of finding a treasure map in a shipwreck are consistent for both Java and Bedrock editions:

  • Shipwreck (Map Chest): 100%
  • Underwater Ruins (Small Chest Ruins): 41.7%
  • Underwater Ruins (Big Chest Ruins): 43.5%

How to Locate Buried Treasure in Minecraft Using a Treasure Map?

Step 1: Find the Treasure Map

To discover a buried treasure chest in Minecraft, players need a specific map, as randomly stumbling upon them is highly unlikely due to their potential spawning in various locations. Obtain the map by exploring the world and finding a shipwreck or underwater ruin. Alternatively, players can acquire the map through trading with a cartographer villager.

Step 2: Understand the Map and Navigating to the Treasure

Upon obtaining the map, players can identify their location marked by a white dot, while the treasure’s location is represented by a red X symbol on the map. To efficiently reach the treasure, players should grasp the map’s directions.

When holding the map, the top portion always indicates North, aiding players in determining their location and the required direction towards the cross.

Alternatively, players can use the F3 debug screen for directional information or gauge their heading by observing the sun’s movement. As players move in the correct direction, the map progressively unveils, and the player’s pointer accelerates, featuring a pointed end.

Step 3: Locating the Precise Block of the Buried Chest

Minecraft Treasure 3

When players arrive at the cross on the map, they often resort to random digging in an attempt to uncover the chest. However, a trick exists that allows them to instantly pinpoint the exact block where the chest is buried.

Upon reaching the cross, players can keep the map open and position themselves directly above the cross until the small pointed end of the player dot emerges from the intersection of the cross. Aligning their dot in this manner, they can then proceed to dig straight down from that location to uncover the buried treasure chest.


In conclusion, the pursuit of buried treasure in Minecraft adds an extra layer of excitement and exploration to the game. Armed with the knowledge of treasure mechanics, essential tools, and effective strategies, you are now equipped to embark on thrilling treasure hunts and uncover hidden riches.

Whether you are seeking valuable items, rare enchantments, or simply the thrill of adventure, the world of buried treasure in Minecraft is waiting to be discovered. So grab your shovel and embark on your next treasure-hunting expedition, because you never know what treasures await just beneath the surface. Happy hunting!

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