Game Development For Beginners

Game development is a big industry these days; in the US alone, the video game market is worth $60.4 billion, and over $11 billion is spent on video games every single year. It’s a very lucrative sector, and if you’re a gamer yourself, you already know just how much it takes to keep up with every single game release.

Why not get even further involved? If you’re someone who already loves the magic only video games seem to be able to bring, getting involved in the industry itself might just be the big next step. Whether you’re an Open World or Roguelike fan, you’ve got the chance to create a virtual adventure so many people could love.

Start with the Story

Starting with the story is a good way to slip into game development, and it’ll definitely push you into the right direction with the kind of game you want to make, as well as the skills you’ll need to develop here. Plus, all you need is a notepad and a pen for this step of the process.

A video game’s narrative holds up the rest of the game – even the mechanics don’t have to be cutting edge, or even very strong, when people relate to both the story and the characters. You don’t need to be a genuine writer or artist here either, because there’s a lot you can come up with by simply following the Hero’s Journey.

Find the Right Software

One of the biggest steps in developing your own video game is to find the right software to make it through. Thankfully, you can find some of the best softwares online, and some of them are entirely free to get started with.

For example, you can download Xcode for pc right here; easy to use, thanks to features like its autocomplete, and it’s clear just how much quality control went into the product in the first place.

If you’ve already got a software program in mind, make sure you’re truly comfortable with it. You’re a single person on a quest to make a game of your own, so take your time here, and make sure you’re working with the right platform.

Get Involved with Coding

And then we come to the more involved step of the process; learning to code in the way your video game dream demands. It’s the most lengthy part of the process, and there’s all kinds of languages you can get to grips with – most people recommend Python as a good starting point. However, seeing as you’re trying to create a game of your own here, you might want to learn the ropes by playing coding games themselves, which you can find a handy list of right here.

Developing a game can be done by people of all skill levels. If you want to get involved, don’t let anything hold you back – video game development, when done by one person, is all about the fun you can have.

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