The Google Play store includes more than 2 million apps for Android users. Some are real duds and some are masterpieces. Nowadays, you can find several famous Android games to play while you are stuck at your home with your family members. These games can help to make your mood better so that you would enjoy your day rather than regretting staying at home. Are you looking for the best three Android Games for April 2020? If yes, then here would come to know about the top 3 Android games for April right now.

Ninja Warrior

Of late, you can find several Ninja fighting games available in the Google Play Store as per your preferences. Ninja Warrior is the perfect one and known for its great interface, graphics, and better sound quality. It is the best Android game which mainly delivers entertainment and fun. It is very easy to play due to its great interface so that you would not face any issues at all for sure. This game is only about saving hostages that are always kept by your enemies and you need to break those territories and kill all those enemies of yours. All the controls of the games are simple and you would get several skill moves like hidden paddles and deadly slashes. It would be better for you to enhance your combat power and kill enemies by collecting gold and diamonds from your enemies.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous and mostly used Android games available for users. You can invite your family members or friends for playing this game online easily without any hassle for sure. It has both PC and Mobile versions where you would be going through a battle royal. All the players will land on an unknown island and fight to be survived and on the top by going through killing enemies, fatal jungles, and several hurdles. The series and powerful anti-cheating mechanisms ensure a balanced and perfect gaming environment where you can play by the rules. This game is free to play and you do not have to pay anything for playing it at any time.


If you love driving, then you should download this game right now. Drive is a fun, simple, and very interesting game to play. While playing this game, you would be able to drive through hurdles and fatal routes and get all the coins you need to reach to the next level. Make sure you are not crashing your car and try to stay away from police cars. The car is not easy to control but controls are simple and car upgrades are available which can make your experience easy. The game is fun to play and very addictive.


All the above-mentioned Android games are easy to play and no need to pay anything for using it. These games are available at the Google Play Store and you can download from there easily.

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