Bluetooth headphones are now the most popular gadget for enjoying music and making calls than traditional wired headphones. And out of that earbuds are now making its presence all around. Last day we made a review of one of the best wireless earbud, the xFyro xS2, and overall, we can say that it was one of the best true wireless earbuds available in the market.

As mentioned, it can be considered the best earbuds for Bluetooth devices, either it is a smartphone or a music system. You can check the detail in our xFyro xS2 review.

Here we will check how the pairing earbuds can be done. You can follow the steps to pair xFyro xS2 earbuds.

How to know the pairing is correct or you need repairing?

If you can hear the voice from both the buds, you can assume that the pairing was correct. Here no further action is needed. If you can listen to only one of the earbuds, then the pairing is not done correctly. Here it would help if you had a repairing of the earbuds.

How to Pair Xfyro Earbuds?

Step 1: Power off both the left and right earbuds.

Step 2: This step is for deleting the existing pairing between the buds. To do so, press and hold both left and right earbuds for 15 seconds. During this process, the indicator on both earbuds will flash three times.

  1. At first, it will flash a blue light.
  2. Then it will flash a blue and red color
  3. Third, both earbuds will flash purple.

Once you saw the purple color, hold for five more seconds, and then release both buttons.

Step3: Next, is the actual pairing process. Immediately after releasing the button mentioned above, again press and hold both earbuds for another two more seconds.

Both earbuds should be paired, and you can notice one of the earbuds will flash red and blue, whereas the other earbud will not flash.

At this point, you can confirm that the re-pairing is successful.

Note: Once the pairing is done, only one of the earbuds will be flashing, and the next one will not get flashed. So don’t get confused about whether the pairing was successful or not.

Now, test your Bluetooth earplugs with your Bluetooth device and check both earbuds are working fine.

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