Best Tablets For Reading PDF

A tablet is generally a mobile device that is thin and has a rechargeable battery and a touch screen display. They are portable enough to be carried anywhere and everywhere unlike computers. You get a pen along with it rather than a keyboard, mouse, or trackpad.

They can be connected over Wi-Fi and are very light in weight. People who love watching movies or playing games and stuff must use tablets because they get a bigger screen for their entertainment and it can be operated easily so no issue at all.

Moreover, tablets are more affordable than a laptop so if you are looking for something more from your entertainment purpose you can easily go for tablets and if you are looking for something productive or office work then the laptop is the best option.

Reason To Get A Tablet

  • They are easy to use and portable.
  • They are not much expensive so anyone can afford it easily.
  • They are great for web browsing, watching movies, videos, or more.
  • They are handy enough to be carried for presentations and work area.
  • They can be connected easily anywhere over Wi-Fi.

Reason To Not Get A Tablet

  • They cannot be used for office purpose.
  • You do not get a mouse or keyboard with it so you cannot use it much for your works.
  • It has low processor speeds for work
  • It only focuses on entertainment purposes like watching videos, movies or surfing the internet.
  • They can be fragile and cause ergonomic discomfort.

Tablets For Reading PDF

Tablets as we know are portable enough to be carried anywhere and helps you do so many works easily without any interruption. And one of the works it does easily is to help you read PDF. To read a PDF on a device we all consider some things in mind that helps us to arrive at the best choice to consider our needs. Some of the things are:

  • Text Clarity: the text that is shown in the PDF files must be clear enough and easy to read for the reader that is most difficult if you use mobile phones, but on a tablet, it is easier to read text due to big screen size.
  • Portability: tablet must be portable enough to be carried anywhere and everywhere so that you can read your PDF on the go without any hustle.
  • Ease Of Use: it must be easy to use like you receive a file, download it and open it smoothly without any interruption.
  • Screen Size: the screen size of the tablet must be wide enough to make every text clear and precise and to view them efficiently.
  • Battery life: when it comes to reading longer or larger files you need a tablet with a good battery life that does not require frequent charging because you cannot take your charger everywhere. So while purchasing a tablet, you must check that it last for at least 10 hours without charging.
  • Versatile: the tablet, must be versatile enough to load all your PDF data’s easily.
  • Price: the price of the tablet is very important because it must suit your need that you require to read something like you can load all your PDF easily, it has required space, battery life and all.

Best Tablets For Reading PDF

1. Kindle Oasis

We have always heard of kindle e-readers, but kindle is very good for readings PDF too. It is a high-resolution tablet that helps readers to read anything on the go anywhere and everywhere. It has an auto-rotating screen that makes it super easy and convenient to use. It has a convenient page-turning feature that helps turn pages easily without any effort.



  • It has a perfect battery life that makes it last longer.
  • It is a great e-reader that helps you read anything anywhere.
  • Its paperwhite display allows for easy reading.
  • It has 32GB storage that is pretty much convenient.


  • It is not better for other apps or games rather than reading.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tablet A is one of the top tablets for reading PDF. It is a perfect travel size tablet to help you read or write on the go. It is pretty much large enough to show your PDF clearly and help you read texts or view images.


Moreover, it has 32GB of built-in memory that is quiet enough to store all your data or anything you wish to. It is slim in its look and is lightweight to carry wherever you want to. It has all the qualities one needs in a tablet to facilitate the better reading of PDF files.


  • It has 13-hour battery life that is quite enough for one-time charging.
  • It has 32 GB storage that can be upgraded to 512 GB by using a micro SD card.
  • It is good on the quality side and has a high-resolution feature.
  • It is affordable and is slim in its looks.


  • Its speakers could be improved.
  • Screen size is can be larger as compared to other models.

3. Apple iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro is one of the top tablets available in the market. You get awesome features in this tablet one of which is reading PDF easily and conveniently anywhere on the go. It has the perfect screen size to view images, photos or to read text easily.



  • It has built into the WiFi system.
  • It has 2 colour options silver and space grey.
  • You get four audio speakers and five studio-quality microphones.
  • You get a 12.9-inch display that is big enough to read the PDF.
  • You get 10 hours of battery life.
  • It supports a magic keyboard, smart keyboard folio, and Apple pencil.
  • It has Face ID for secure authentication.
  • It has 512 GB of storage that is enough for all your apps, data, or anything you want to store in your library.


  • It is a bit expensive from other tablets available and it cannot be afforded by all.

4. Boox Nova Pro

It is one of the best tablets for reading PDF. It helps users to take notes right inside the PDF or in a new document. It operates on android and users can enjoy using most of the apps from the play store and enjoy listening to music, playing games, and reading PDF easily without any interruption.



  • It has 32 GB of storage capacity that is quiet enough to read PDF and much more.
  • It has an inbuilt Bluetooth device that helps connect to music and audiobooks.
  • It helps turn the pages easily by its touch screen feature.
  • It has a good battery life that can last for weeks and help you to read your important PDF easily without the fear of battery discharge.
  • You can charge your tablet easily by USB Type-C.


  • It is not waterproof so you need to be careful while reading PDF on this tablet near any sea or pool.
  • It is a bit heavy in weight to carry from one place to another if compare to other models.

5. Kobo Clara HD Reader

It is one of the hot-selling premium tablets and is comfortable enough for the reader to adjust it as per readers’ comfort and helps you to read PDF easily anywhere and everywhere. It is light in weight and can be carried easily anywhere on the go that makes it more convenient than laptops and so you can read your PDF files anywhere possible.



  • It has an additional blue light night reading feature that helps read in darker light also.
  • It has nice battery backup that last for weeks.
  • It can be connected over Wi-Fi easily.


  • It is not waterproof and cannot be easily used near pools or the sea.
  • Its screen size is 6 inches that I quiet small to read the PDF.
  • It has 8 GB storage that is not much convenient to store PDF files, images and more on your library.


Tablets are opted by many users around the world because it is less heavy than laptops and it is easier for kids and for office going persons who need to note down something during the presentation and much more. There are lots of tablets available in the market that are handy and can be carried easily from one place to another for reading PDF, browsing, listening to music, and much more.

To read PDF a tablet must have some required qualities like screen size must be bigger enough, clarity of text, battery life of tablet to ensure that it can be used easily without charging again and again, and many more. To ensure proper reading of PDF one must see such qualities in a tablet and above are listed some tablets that have this quality in them.

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