Are you looking for an easy way to upload your ebooks, PDP magazines, catalogue, brochures, etc online and make them available to readers across the world? If yes is your only answer, then you should use Issuhub right now. It is one of the greatest online book publishing platforms where you can post your newspapers, magazines, e-book and many more. As a reader, you would get a great reading experience on your smartphones or any other devices, just like reading your school textbooks.

If you are writing any book and looking for ways to publish it online worldwide, then Issuhub is a great platform for publishing your e-book for sure. You are not going to face any issues while publishing your book as it will take only a few minutes to upload. Be sure to have gone over everything with a fine-toothed comb (maybe even getting a Book editor to help iron out any potential creases – getting that second pair of eyes on your work can really help polish it off!). You can also customize the publication by considering your overall requirements and make a useful publication with images/audio/PDF/video. To attract more readers, you can share your publication on several social media networks easily without any hassle.

Issuhub Editor Functions

Issuhub’s Book editor function will help to edit your book added in your account. It will help to improve the quality of the book by adding a hyperlink, highlight the hyperlink by color. Add additional colour to text block and changing the color on mouse hover etc. It will not only attract readers but make the book interactive.

Issuhub is a reliable and genuine online publishing platform to upload 2000 books per month and open more than 50,000 publications daily. You would be glad by knowing that it has both free and paid versions for the users. If you are using it for the first time and not aware much about its policies, then you should only go for the free version.

The free version also gives you several features to upload and publish your e-books easily without any issues at all. By using the free version, you would be able to open 30,000 online publish ebooks and able to upload 50 books only. But, you are not allowed to add audio or video to your publish magazines in the free version.

The paid version of the Issuhub offers various great features to the users. By having the paid version, you would be able to add a link and logo so that readers can go through your website by seeing your logo results in more traffic to your website. You can upload unlimited books and there is no limitation at all.

You can change your custom domain name and add video or audio in your publications to attract the readers around the world. All the publications are stored in the server securely and you do not have to worry about it anymore. You can enjoy free upgrades and supports without paying anything from your pocket.


From my personal experience, I would suggest you go for the free version first before going for the paid version. Issuhub is a great online publication tool that gives you the perfect opportunity to show your writing skills to other readers in the forms of magazines, e-books and many more.

You can even protect your publications from other readers by giving a strong password. If you only want few Issuhub users to check your publication, then you can permit those selective users via the Email Permission option. Upload your file now and share your experiences with us!

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