Logitech powershell

For many of us, the brand Logitek is associated only with components for personal computers. Nothing like this! This Swiss company was one of the first to set out to conquer the vastness of mobile gaming. Their Powershell became the first case-manipulator (yes, this gadget is officially listed in the category of … cases) with its own battery that interacts with games on iOs. And the last couple of years he has consistently won the market and the respect of fans of “apple products”.

This “cover” worth 5000+ rubles is sold in a very solid set. It comes with a short micro USB cable, a rubber mat for the iPod Touch 5Gen and an adapter for headphones. The device is physically connected to the controller using a Lightning connector. This distinguishes the joystick from the models that work exclusively on Bluetooth technology (hence the slow response, connection problems and much more).

“Powershell” is far from the smallest gamepad. Its dimensions are 200 x 63 x 21 mm. Moreover, it does not transform and does not add up. Bulky? But, judging by the reviews, he is very well “sitting” in his hands, ergonomics – at the level. And the weight is not serious, only 120 grams. Own battery capacity of 1,500 mAh is a definite plus. At No Fluff Tech you will find the clear review for Logitech Powershell Gamepad.

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The front panel of the controller is made of matte plastic, while the back cover of the device is made of textured ribbed rubber, which does not allow the gadget to slide in your hands.

The gadget supports operating systems from the “seven” and higher in the devices Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPod Touch 5G.

Advantages of the model: Good build, lack of backlash and squeaks, familiar to cheap mobile gamepads. This effect is achieved by non-collapsible durable design of the gadget. Users who use this device celebrate the smooth progress of each key and each trigger.

SteelSeries Stratus

This joystick from another “luminaries of the world of components” came out almost a year later of the Logitech gamepad. “Stratus” appeared as a dumping model: on the day of release of the gadget, everyone just said that the same Powershell was born, only cheaper. The hype justified itself only in part: Stratus, indeed, became a worthy competitor for his rival … but he could not surpass him in terms of sales.

What kind of fruit is this, SteelSeries Stratus?

Firstly, it is more compact and lightweight. SteelSeries Stratus dimensions are 110 x 60 x 33 mm with a weight of 75 grams. SteelSeries Stratus will work with all devices running iOS 7: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Secondly, the controller is synchronized with devices via Bluetooth 2.1. What puts him on the step “below” the previous device.

The gadget works up to 10 hours from one battery charge. On the controller, you can see four buttons (A, B, X, Y), two analog sticks and a D-pad cross. From the user’s side, you can notice the mini-USB port through which the Stratus battery is charged.

The device “picked up” some “apple” chips, obviously with a view to the reaction of the most loyal fans of the brand: the joystick supports Apple TV and the AirPlay function .

It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery via USB. Sold, on average, $ 20 cheaper than Logitech.

Sony Dualshock

Here is the gap pattern. Many people know this gadget as a very standard joystick for b. But not everyone is aware that it can be connected to your favorite iPhone without any special difficulties (although everything is relative). If you have it, game developers have already begun to adapt some of their offspring to work with Dualshock.

We are talking about the possibility of a connection exclusively with models that support iOS 7 and higher.

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What do you need to connect a Sony product to an Apple smartphone? First, i Phone, iPad or iPod touch with jailbreak. Secondly, the PS3 DualShock 3 wireless controller (or fourth series gadget). You will also need applications SixPair or SixaxisPairTool for Mac and Windows, respectively, and another installed tweak Controllers for All.

More detailed instructions on joining can be found on the Web, although the connection mechanism should be intuitively understandable.

If everything grows together, then you get a wireless joystick with vibration feedback and ergonomics, proven over the years. How else? After all, this device was developed specifically for working with consoles. And all the shortcomings that are inevitable in the experiments of third-party developers, should be absent here by definition. What Sony’s team understands is how to ensure quality gameplay.

EXEQ Renegade

We finish our review on the most reasonable of the budget models. Here we will talk about the more comfortable cost of the gadget in 50-60 Baku. Immediately make a reservation – this is a universal gamepad, which is suitable for both smartphones on Android, and Apple products. We included it in this review because of the fantastic popularity of the gadget in the Yabloko environment. Why this happens is not clear. But on the web you can find a lot of recommendations and positive reviews addressed to EXEQ Renegade from their side.

Yes, it works via Bluetooth, and this is not very cool. But it is compatible with earlier versions of iOS, two mini-joysticks and a comfortable design (retractable holder, music player control buttons, easily turns into a regular device control console).

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