The general public is oblivious of the benefits offered on availing bike insurance. The insuree can be stress-free about future expenses, which he may otherwise have to incur by himself in the absence of insurance. Most of the bike insurance policy ensures total coverage of the bike against disaster and also against any damage done to the two-wheeler due to an accident.

The Government of India has made it mandatory for all the two-wheeler riders to get insurance for their vehicle. The papers of the insurance have to be carried while riding the bike or else the rider has to pay a penalty. After acknowledging the importance of holding a bike insurance policy, the potential insuree may contemplate over availing it online or offline from the auto company.

Scores of companies are available to assist you with the insurance paperwork, but before zeroing in on a particular insurance plan, the potential insuree is required to check the credentials of the company and verify the plan they have been offered.

Opting for bike insurance online has become easy with the help of the bike insurance premium calculator, which helps to compare different plans being offered by different companies. The insurance company will provide financial assistance to the policyholders under the occurrence of any mishap. On the other hand, the offline option helps the insuree to get their doubts cleared regarding the plan and have face-to-face communication.

The following comparison gives a comparative study of availing bike insurance, either online or offline.

Bike Insurance: Online vs Offline

Time Constraint

In case a person goes for the offline option, he can opt for the bike insurance policy offered by the auto companies. The policy provided will be either from their own organization or else it would be in collaboration with a well-known bank. On the other hand, availing bike insurance online can be beneficial as you don’t have to whisk from one branch to the other in search of the best plan. With the help of the bike insurance premium calculator, the potential insuree can get hold of all the prerequisite information without facing much hassle.

External Interference

On opting offline purchase, the assistance provided by the insurance companies helps to clear all your doubts regarding the plan. The online insurance services do not involve any intermediary. The potential insuree makes a prudent decision in availing of the best plan for themselves by reading all the relevant documents. Availing the two-wheeler insurance plan with the help of bike insurance premium calculator would make one well aware of the policy and other associated details.

Premium offered

The offline option is hectic as people would have to hop from one company to another in search of the lowest premium insurance plan. On the other hand, the online tool used, bike insurance premium calculator helps to compare the premium and offers provided by the insurance companies. The insuree can compare the premium from the comfort of their place without shelling out intermediary charges.


Under offline services, a lot of paperwork and documents are required to avail insurance. These documents submitted require verification by the officials. The online bike insurance service requires less paperwork than offline policies. They ask for limited information from your end and ensures that it won’t be disclosed to any other party. The process, therefore, becomes hassle-free.

Disclosure of Policy details

In case of offline purchase of bike insurance, the agents are under compulsion to disclose the entire terms and conditions of the insurance plan. If there is any confusion regarding the plan, then the representative can come to your rescue and clarify all your doubts. The website of the reputed insurance companies is structured well enough to easily make a naive person well acquainted with the information regarding the insurance plan.

Renewal and save request time

Under the offline facility, the renewal is easier as the experts guide the customers with the procedure. Putting across a physical request involves hectic paperwork. But, with the help of the representative of the insurance companies, the client can easily claim the insured amount efficiently and subsequently get the renew request early. On the other hand, the insuree can also easily claim on the insurance online by just logging into the insurance provider’s website and claim for the insurance or request for the renewal.


Offline insurance providers do not bait their customers with the added facility of discounts. Under online services, insurance providers offer visitors with discounts. These are usually offered during the festive season.

Amending the policy

The insurance provider’s offline insurance plan does not provide an add-on facility to the existing insurance policy. The insuree has to make separate additional arrangements for another insurance policy if they have been willing to avail the same offline. In contrast, the bike insurance premium calculator helps to read all the terms and conditions attached to the insurance plan offered. Apart from getting access to their insurance policy, the insuree can add on any additional covers to their existing bike insurance policy and revise amendments as per their wish.

Before availing an insurance policy, either online or offline, it is suggested that you talk to the company representative regarding the offers and other associated details. With the above-mentioned comparative study, one may draw a constructive conclusion and choose the best-suited model for purchasing bike insurance. It is also considered as a best practice to use a bike insurance premium calculator to estimate all costs involved beforehand.

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