If you’re a smart student that wants to find out how to save money in college, you’re not alone. I bet that every single student in this world has had this need at one point or another, during school, high-school, college, or university.

How to save money as a college student? It’s simple: follow money-saving strategies, be very disciplined, and be consistent. Easier said than done, I know. Nevertheless, we can accomplish everything we desire and want to achieve by simply learning to manage our minds. It’s all about mindset, attitude, and willpower.

In today’s post, you’ll learn how to save money as a college student by applying several genius budget-saving tips and tricks. Pay attention and make sure you put it all into action!

Establish Your Priorities (and Commit to Them)

Saving money in college is simple if you know your priorities. What are you looking after? Fun? Education? Exotic experiences? You need to define what you’re seeking during college time and prioritize your budget accordingly. Do not let impulsivity or emotional thinking distract you from respecting and pursuing your real priorities. Commit!

Establish Rules (and Respect Them)

Every single student should have boundaries. These boundaries should be addressed both to the exterior world (distractions, fun, disempowering habits) and to the interior world (lack of self-discipline, lack of willpower, lack of control).

For example, if you know that whenever you go to the mall with your friends, you’re wasting a lot of money, simply don’t go again until you establish how much money you can spend in an evening at tops. Establish those daily/weekly/money spending rules and stick to them!

Mark the Difference Between Needs and Wants

Whenever you want to buy something, quickly reflect to see whether that is a need or a want. There’s a big difference between a need (priority) and a want (desire for pleasure).

During college, if you want to stay sane and abundant, you’ll need to have money at your disposal. By prioritizing your needs, you’ll be constantly making progress while still having enough money to have some fun every now and then. Again – your priorities matter the most in this instance too!

Find a Way to Make Money

There are plenty of ways to make money in college. Take me, for example, an introverted individual who was offering essay help to students who had no clue how to complete their college assignments. That was good money and still is.
Nevertheless, you should find something that attracts you and that can put your knowledge and skills into an advantage. Getting a part-time job is also great as long as it doesn’t stop you from pursuing your studies.

Buy Used Textbooks and Sell Them Back

One of the simplest ways to save money in college is to buy only second-hand textbooks, preserve them properly, and sell them back once you’re done using them. This isn’t rocket science, but in time, it adds up to your saving account.

Cook Your Own Healthy Food

Healthy food means less money spent on medicine and other types of fixes for health problems. If you want to live healthily, happily, and rich financially, take care of your health.

This is perhaps among the best ways to save money in college because restaurant meals are usually a terrible budget-eater. Start learning how to cook simple foods and start to organize your meals properly. You’ll not only gain health benefits, but you’ll also save so much money along the way!

Make Your Own Coffee

Coffee is extremely overpriced if you think about it. If you keep spending $3 to $5 bucks on coffee each day, you’ll realize that by the end of the month, you’ll be missing around $100. Instead, if you’d chose to buy coffee from the supermarket and drink it at home, you can reduce that sum significantly as you will spend $30 to $40 bucks on a premium quality coffee that’ll last you for the entire month.

Never Shop Impulsively

Impulsive shopping is the worst of the worst activities you can ever do while in college. Spending bucks to prove your status and worth, to gain immediate pleasure, to look good, to feel good, or to let other people know that you’re happy is totally a waste of potential.

You should read more about impulsive shopping and stop yourself the moment you realize that you’re not thinking straight. The key is to balance your needs and wants. Don’t go into any extreme and you’ll be satisfied at the end of the day and the self-control you’ve proven.


Saving money in college is simpler than ever if you only know what to do!

Take today’s tactics into close consideration and use your mind to conquer all your challenges, problems, setbacks, and pains. Learn to compromise and understand the benefits of sacrifice. Think long term, think smart, play smart, stay resilient, and don’t forget to make room for fun.

College is amazing with money in your pockets – learn to manage them properly and you’ll have the abundance that most students can never attain!

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