Real Debrid is a downloading service with no restrictions and will lessen buffering for streaming applications and Kodi add-ons that dispense media content. In addition, the Real-Debrid, which is a multi-hoster, provides high-quality links hosted on unrestricted servers – making your streaming experience smooth.

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid collects links from 56 supported hosts, including hosts like Mega, Big4Shared, Data File, Filefactory, and more. Each host provides premium content, and many of them will typically need you to purchase for a subscription. The multi-hoster simplifies the procedure of obtaining these links. It even reduces the cost that people will have to incur to acquire such content.


Why have a Real Debrid account?

If you’re fond of streaming movies, television shows, documentaries, etc. – below are the reasons why you need to have a Real Debrid account:

You can stream High Definition (HD) content on Kodi without buffering. Getting a Real Debrid allows you to integrate the multi-hoster on your Kodi. This is because Kodi is the most popular streaming app – props to its amazing functionality and the numerous Kodi add-ons available.

If you’ve installed some of the great Kodi addons, you may notice that you can stream nearly all titles that you want. Nonetheless, the majority of the streams are not usually High Definition, and the ones that are in HD usually have tons of buffering. This transpires because you are streaming free content, and those streams are hosted on servers that limit the bandwidth.

Also, those streams are being used by many users across the globe – bringing the performance down. With Free Debrid, you’ll obtain new links that are unavailable to other users. These links allow you to stream with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. Therefore, you’ll have to say goodbye to buffering.

How To Sign Up for Real-Debrid

  • Go to & select Sign Up
  • Put your personal information and
  • Choose Sign Up again (Note: It is recommended to use an anonymous Email Account if you don’t want to use your personal email address.)
  • You’ll receive a message stating – your registration was successful.
  • Your Real-Debrid registration is now complete

Features of Premium Membership

The Real-Debrid developers claim the following benefits and added features with the paid account:

  • You’ll have high-speed download & streaming of up to 300 Mbps
  • Multiple downloads & streaming at the same time
  • Limitless Traffic
  • HTML 5 streaming – no plugins required
  • Ad-free & no waiting time
  • Tons of new streams in full High Definition, HD, & SD quality

Real Debrid Pricing

Real Debrid has 4-tiered pricing with different subscription duration & fidelity points. The pricing of Real Debrid is in Euros. However, a rough estimate in U.S. dollars is provided below as per the current exchange rate. The list of the RealDebrid plans:

  • 15 Days for €3 ($3.61) & 150 fidelity points
  • 30 Days for €4 ($4.81) & 200 fidelity points
  • 90 Days for €9 ($10.82) & 450 fidelity points
  • 180 Days for €16 ($19.24) & 800 fidelity points

As per the website of Real-Debrid, their most popular plan is the 90 Days.

Can RealDebrid be Tested for Free?

Real Debrid used to offer free accounts during particular hours of the day. However, the multi-hoster stopped it in 2019. Wherein, to experience quality streams & downloads of Real Debrid, you must purchase for an account. Anyway, Real Debrid you to choose the cheapest subscription plan for €3 ($3.61) and utilize it for 15 days.

How to use Real Debrid with FireStick Apps

Real Debrid works well with numerous third-party Firestick applications. Setting up the multi hoster in an app is very easy.

  • Launch the app you wish to pair with Real Debrid
  • The Real Debrid option is often found in the app Settings. And, Settings option is located in the main menu – In the top-left corner, select the menu option
  • Click Settings
  • You have to scroll down for the Real Debrid option
  • A window with a code will pop up
  • Launch the link in an Android phone or PC browser – Enter the code
  • Sign in to your Real Debrid account
  • Go back to the app on FireStick
  • You’ll see that RealDebrid has been authorized
  • Now, you can start streaming. Various new links will be available with “RD” – an indication that they are Real Debrid links

Download Files Easily

Aside from amplifying the streaming experience, the multi-hoster offers the chance to download files easily on the internet. It offers unlimited bandwidth to download files with the topmost speeds. To boost the file download, it is recommended to use the Internet Download Manager.

Also, you can easily download files on your Android box or Android phone via the Real Debrid app, which you can get on Google’s Play Store. You also have the option to play a file on the innovative internet player of Real Debrid.

Use VPN While On The Internet

Always remember, before installing anything on your device, you need to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN to secure your online information. A VPN service, such as IPVanish, will keep you anonymous on the internet while you stream videos on your Firestick, Kodi, or other streaming devices. In addition, a VPN service avoids geo-restrictions and allows you to stream your favorite media content.

Is Real-Debrid Legal?

Yes, Real-Debrid is 100% legal to use. Nonetheless, some media content you access could be illegal.

Does RealDebrid Work with IPTV?

No, Real-Debrid will only work with Video on Demand (VoD) Content.

Wrap up

Real Debrid is among the best ways to improve the streaming experience. It allows you to explore the new streams to watch movies and TV shows in the full HD resolution.

The RealDebrid links add a lot of new streams to your streaming devices. With Real Debrid, you will not worry about buffering problems or low-quality streams. Nonetheless, ensure you use a consistently good quality VPN service to protect your internet activities and conquer other challenges such as ISP throttling.