How To Bring Your Email Management On a Higher Level

If opening the email inbox after a weekend drives you nuts, then most probably, you do not know how to manage your inbox efficiently. Every day it’s the same old scenario: you open your inbox to check important messages, but it’s full of unneeded news alerts, promotional offers, brand newsletters, personal emails, and more. Of course, it leads to a ton of wasted time, which you could spend on more important things.

Check out some of the useful tips that will make your inbox management less stressful and much easier:

1. Create Templates

If you work a lot with emails, you probably send some similar replies regularly. Instead of starting each new email from scratch, creating a few templates that you’ll use frequently will save you a lot of time when it comes time to respond.

2. Set up the Time for Work with Emails

You have to create a schedule for this routine. Otherwise, time will fly, and you will not even notice it. For example, work on emails for 15 minutes as soon as you arrive at the office and half an hour after lunchtime whenever it works for you.

3. Use Email Management Software

Use email management software to reduce your stress with email management. The applications, like Clean Email, can help you reduce spam, apply actions to the groups of connected emails, unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and promotions, and generally organize your email inbox the way you like.

4. Take Actions

When the time is set up, you have to apply the action to the new messages immediately while working with the emails. For example, delete unimportant emails, reply immediately to the emails which do not require more than 2 minutes, create folders for the messages that need more time and should be replied to later, etc.

5. Unsubscribe

When you sign up for a newsletter, updates, or promotions on a business website, blog, or other sources, you can be sure that you will receive a lot of them every single day. You may believe that these emails concerning sales and deals that you will find useful. However, usually, the only thing they do is clutter your inbox. Delete these unwanted emails in bulk will take a long time and a lot of effort. It’s preferable if you don’t receive any more messages from a certain source. That’s why the best solution is to unsubscribe.

6. Use of Secondary Email

Use another email address for online shopping. This way, you can avoid receiving all the newsletters and promotional messages from the commercial institutions you buy from on your main email address. Moreover, sometimes spammers simulate email headers to seem like they were sent from real institutions. In reality, the only goal of such messages is to compromise your personal data. If you feel you are getting suspicious emails, it is recommended to check the email addresses with an email verification service to make sure the senders are real.

7. Set Custom Rules

When it comes to controlling your email inbox, you can set your own rules. Filters in most email providers can sort incoming messages by archiving, deleting, and sending to a certain folder as soon as the message arrives. Email filters are a really useful tool that takes care of a lot of the work for you. You only have to set them up once, and they’ll save you a lot of time.

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