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It is not enough to decide that you need some assistance from an online writing service. You also need to know what kind of help you are looking for. For example, do you need research paper help, or perhaps you are looking for help with your essays? Only. Many students want to make their lives easier using online writing services but do not follow through because they have problems singling out trustworthy agencies from dozens of companies available these days.

We do this job for you, and today we shall talk about Should you trust this company? What kinds of assignments can you entrust it with? Read on and find out.

Prices and Other Conditions

Similar to most other online writing services, Customwritings charges its clients per page of written text and primarily ties the price to the type and urgency of each assignment. The less time the writer has until the deadline when you place the order, the more expensive the job will be.

Naturally, more advanced tasks require the attention of more skilled writers, which is reflected in their fees as well. However, urgency is the primary factor, after all. If you make a decision quickly and place an order soon after receiving an assignment, you will get your order done noticeably cheaper than if you wait until there are just a couple of days until the deadline.

Security Concerns

They take all possible precautions to protect their customers, their personal and financial information from leaks and data breaches. In addition, their website uses a secure and encrypted connection to process all interactions between the company and its clients, which means that all your activity is completely anonymous and is not trackable by anybody.

A secure payment gateway is used for financial transactions. Understanding that it may sound risky to pay your money without any guarantees, details a refund and revision policy that covers multiple contingencies (you can find out more on the company’s website).

In other words, even if you are dissatisfied with your paper or the way it was handled (e.g., in case it is delivered too late), you can file a complaint and receive a full or partial refund (depending on the situation).

Plagiarism and Originality Issues

The service realizes that plagiarism remains one of the primary concerns for students using the assistance of online writing services and properly addressing it. Therefore, before you receive a paper you ordered, it goes through an anti-plagiarism tool that determines if any of its parts are non-original.

Suppose it locates any copy/pasted fragments (except legitimate quotations). In that case, the writer either has to rewrite these parts of the paper (if s/he can prove it was an accident) or is immediately dismissed from their employment. The company even encourages its clients to reanalyze their papers using any third-party plagiarism checkers of their choice so that they can rest assured their papers are unique.

Writers and Writing

According to, they carefully screen applicants when hiring new writers for the service. Only those with sufficient credentials and practical skills can hope to become full-fledged employees – they have to pass several tests before being accepted.

Judging by a few test assignments placed with the service, this claim seems to be credible – all of them were written by people who were well versed in their respective fields of expertise, using good English, and virtually free of grammar mistakes.

Perhaps does not have a dedicated specialist for every academic discipline, but they certainly give assignments to those who can complete them.

Customer Support and Service Availability

Their website states that they have a dedicated customer support team whose members are online at all times. We have put this claim to the test, and it seems to be true – whenever we contacted the service, somebody was there to answer our questions, and it happened quickly irrespective of the time of day or the day of the week it happened. In addition, support members are polite, speak in good English, and are well-informed about their service’s specifics.

Final Word

There are hundreds of writing services on the Internet. Is any different from the rest of them? Is there any reason to use it and not some other company?

Well, it is not much different from any other good agency working in this industry. It pays attention to the kind of people they hire and maintains the consistently high quality of its output. Customer support is up to the task and is always ready to provide you with all the necessary information. It is security-conscious and considers customers’ safety to be one of their primary concerns.

After reading this review, the only difference is that you can be reasonably sure that the service does belong to the category of trustworthy writing services. In other words, if you have an assignment to do but do not know of a reliable writing service yourself, is your safe bet.

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