Wombo Review – AI-Powered Lip Sync App

Have you ever seen a video lip-syncing on a song hilariously and wondered how such videos get created? If yes then, here is the app that exactly does the same and entertains users all over the globe with funny videos.

What is Wombo?

Wombo is one of the most underrated AI-powered lip-sync apps that offers realistic lips & tongue animation for your character. Furthermore, it is highly efficient in providing excellent quality video in a few clicks. All you need to do is take a selfie, select one song for you and let Wombo do the job with perfection. Most importantly, the app is available for both Android and iOS users.

The app helps users add magic to their videos and do wonders with its phenomenal features. Using the app, you can unlock numerous benefits and have customizable feeds. As a result, a sudden boom has been noticed in deep fake technology and continues to become popular, especially among the youth.

Purpose of the App

The app is intended to offer a robust yet straightforward AI-based lip-synced app with all the necessary features, including special video effects, amazing editing skills, compatibility with almost all mobile devices. This ultimately enables the user to take a perfect selfie and select a song on which they wish to do lip-syncing. This is the input a user will give, and after that, the app performs all like magic ending up preparing a perfect lip-synced video for you.

With the app, you can make your selfie sing a song as per your choice. So go ahead, take a new selfie or an existing one, select a song from a curated list and let the app move the selfie head and lips artificially in synchronization with the song selected.

Why Wombo?

Undoubtedly, many apps provide lip sync videos, but very few of them are created from the user’s perspective.

Wombo AI app uses AI to turn still photos into animated lip syncs. It is user-friendly and is super-easy to use so, and it won’t take much time to figure out exactly how to use it. Moreover, it facilitates you with super comfy features helping users to focus on taking pictures and selecting the song as per the choice. This simple yet powerful app became one of the most demanding apps for the younger generation due to its advanced features.


Safe & secure: The app seriously takes care of the user data. The images will get processed in the cloud, and all user data will be deleted after 24 hours.

3D Characters: Although the app works for any image that resembles a face, it works perfectly for three-dimensional characters where the picture is looking straight into the camera.

Features of Wombo

The app comes with some phenomenal features. Let’s dig deeper and discover

AI-Specific: AI-specific algorithms and updated technology make it a robust app with outstanding features helping users create lip-syncing videos perfectly.

Human-level Perfection: Wombo is magic that works with human-level perfection. It works with all images but does wonders with the 3-dimensional characters when synced with a song.

Excellent Algorithm: World-class skilled developers work on this app’s algorithm. So, the app is bug-free and provides a seamless work experience to potential customers.

Cool Visual Effect: Wombo AI app facilitates some cool visual effects in the lip-sync videos you create using the app. The user can effortlessly opt for the visuals and apply them to the video.

Rich Music Library: The app also contains a rich music library that includes all types of songs one can search for. When applied with the selfie picture and processed with the app, that song synchronized perfectly.

Compatible with all the devices: Most amazingly, the app is compatible with all devices, making it a perfect choice for all types of users.

3D Character: The app works best with the 3-dimensional characters looking straight onto the camera.

Popular Among Users: The app is already popular among users as it has been downloaded over 20 million times.

Use Of AI: The song is mapped with the picture with the help of Artificial Intelligence. As we know, Artificial intelligence (AI) is a modern technology that is a combination of intelligent technologies that are used to analyze and produce the output automatically for each task in a natural way.

So, the Wombo AI app is based on AI technology. This app makes just about any photo sign and is becoming hugely popular on social media.
The Wombo AI app is free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Platforms Support

The currently supported platforms for Wombo are as follows:

  • Mobile platforms include iOS, Android (Android TV), tvOS.
  • Desktop platforms Windows (Universal Windows Platform), Mac, Linux.

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