In this digital era, there has been a significant rise in the use of gifs, memes, and videos. Whether we consider an individual’s usage of memes and videos in their life or a business organization using videos as an effective marketing mode, we cannot dent their popularity. With the rise of social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchats, videos have become an integral part of our life.

We all can agree that the importance of videos, short or long, in our everyday life is much higher than we care to admit. Wishing a friend on their birthday to marketing a product by showcasing its features, videos are versatile for every situation. The tools required to create a great video are few, with endless possibilities of the outcome. One such essential tool to create a great video is a video editor app.

A good video editor does more than compile together the clips of your video. It should also allow you to add texts, design, and animations, making it more engaging for the audience. There are also other essential features like overlays, transitions required for editing a captivating video. In this article, we share with you one such video editor application loaded with excellent features.

What is FlexClip Video Maker?

FlexClip is a comprehensive video editing tool that is helpful in editing videos and movies. Whether you are thinking of making a slideshow or a film, FlexClip is the best solution for you. This tool allows you to edit both the video and the audio recording, text, images, and graphics in the video.

The easy-to-use interface makes for anyone to use the application. FlexClip also has thousands of premade templates for every occasion making your job even more effortless. So, start editing your videos on FlexClip, export them to your YouTube Studio, and dazzle everyone.

Features of FlexClip Video Maker

Now that we have explained what FlexClip is, it is time to go through the different features. Going through these features, you will understand why you need to upgrade to FlexClip right now.

Easily add music or voiceover to your videos

FlexClip allows you to add background music of your choice or anything from the stock gallery to your video. You can also add audio recording or voiceover to all your videos. Control the volume and speed your audio with the best video editor app.

Customize them with funky texts

With FlexClip, you can completely customize your videos by adding texts to them. From a tiny popup to a text slideshow, add as much text as you wish to your videos. Select the color and font as per your preference. Decide the placement of the text and dazzle everyone with your informative videos.

Thousands of templates for every occasion

Whether you want to create a video congratulating a loved one on a special occasion or want to market your latest collection, FlexClip got your back. There are thousands of templates that are easily customizable. There are no excuses for not using FlexClip for your video editing.

Smoothly merge or split your videos

With FlexClip, you can merge multiple videos into a single project or split a large video into several parts, depending on your preference. The effortless merging and division of video clips make it easier to edit any videos. This video editor app is also suitable for editing large videos.

Control the resolution and aspect ratio

FlexClip allows you to choose between multiple video resolution options. From a Full HD resolution to an SD resolution, you decide how you want your videos to look. Edit your video with FlexClip and export it to your YouTube Studio or social media account.

Add personalized logos or watermarks

If you are videos for marketing, then it is a great idea to add your company’s logo and watermark to your videos to make them recognizable. The viewers will be able to identify your brand from your videos. It creates a higher chance of generating traffic to your website.

Zoom in without losing the clarity

Apart from all the above features, FlexClip allows you to zoom into a video without reducing its clarity or resolution. So, if you want to focus on a specific part of a video from a recording, FlexClip is the perfect solution for you. Features like this make FlexClip among the best video editor app.

Choose from the built-in media library

FlexClip also has an impressive gallery with millions of images, audio, and video files to use in your project. You can browse the library to find the most suitable elements to enhance your video and use them for free. This feature truly makes FlexClip one of the best video editor apps.

Have fun with the filter options

FlexClip also has loads of filters to make your videos look more beautiful and pleasing. So, whether you want to change your videos’ lighting or visual presentation, try the variety of filters. Pick the perfect filter for your video and export your video to your YouTube Studio for export.

Tools included in FlexClip Video Maker

Now that you know the top features of FlexClip, here are some free tools from FlexClip that are indispensable for everyone.

  • Video Compressor: This tool helps reduce the size of a video, making it appropriate for transfer or video sharing.
  • Video Converter: With this tool, you can change the format, size, and resolution of your videos to your preferences.
  • GIF Maker: Make cute or funny GIFs out of any video, with the in-built GIF maker included in FlexClip.
  • Video Trimmer: Trim your videos to edit out the unwanted or extra segments with the video trimmer tool.
  • Screen Recorder: Directly record content from your screen without any app or extension download required.


FlexClip is an all-rounder video editor app suitable for editing videos of all lengths, formats, and resolutions. The application comes with several essential tools that make video editing a child’s play. If you are looking for the best video editor app, FlexClip is the best option for you. The application is easy to use and is versatile for all types of videos, with thousands of templates to help you get started.