Smartphones and other digital devices are essential elements in our digital lifestyle. We use them for various purposes, such as communicating with friends and family, browsing the internet, shopping for goods online, and clicking countless selfies. Just like smartphones, taking selfies is a part of our everyday routine. Thanks to this compulsive habit, we all have garnered extensive image collections.

And while we all love taking pictures of everything under the sun, everyone is not great at it. Photography is an art that only a few have mastered, enabling them to get the perfect shot without fail. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone else should stop taking pictures. Photo-editing apps are a lifesaver that helps us make our not-so-cute images into stunning masterpieces.

There are countless photo-editing apps available online. This article will focus on Abode’s Photoshop Fix and share everything you need to know about it. We will list all the features of this app and even share why you can’t find this app on the Google Play Store anymore. Let’s start by understanding what this app is and the different ways you can use it.

What is Adobe Photoshop Fix App?

Adobe Photoshop Fix is a mobile photo editing app for Android phones. It is another photo-editing app from Adobe that allows users to alter their images to deliver impressive results. This app, in particular, will help you fix any image by retouching and restoring it. Other features include color correction and adjustments, allowing you to design balanced and striking results. Now that you have earned a basic idea about Adobe Photoshop Fix, it’s time to learn why you should use the app.

Use of the Adobe Photoshop Fix

The app will allow Android users to fix their photos by making small changes. Here are some things the Adobe Photoshop Fix can do:

  • Retouch images to make spot corrections.
  • Alter facial parts like your lips, eyes, or cheeks.
  • Smoothen elements like human skin or landscapes.
  • Heal or repair the background of the picture.
  • Brighten or darken selected parts of any image.
  • Blur background elements to highlight the subject.
  • Adjust color saturation or intensity for a photo.
  • Alter exposure, contrast, saturation, vintage, etc.
  • Make desired changes with a paintbrush and eraser.

Features of the Photoshop Fix

We hope you have understood the different ways this photo-editing app can help you deliver impressive images; let’s go through all the features of Adobe Photoshop Fix in detail. They will help you understand the multiple ways the app can help you edit your pictures:

1. Retouch and Restore

The most notable feature of Adobe Photoshop Fix is the option to retouch any image. It allows users to spot and correct any part of their image to make everything look smooth and even.

2. Face-aware Liquify

You can alter your face to make it look more flattering with this feature. It allows you to edit your eyes, lips, cheeks, chin, and neck. In addition, it enables making drastic facial edits to your pictures with ease.

3. Liquify

Another feature that helps you edit the background of your image to make them more visually appealing is liquifying. Using this effect, you can rotate, resize, pull or push any elements in your picture.

4. Smooth

Smoothing is another effect that will help you make your photos look polished and professional. The smooth effecting is perfect for various textures like human skin and landscape elements in your image.

5. Lighten and Darken

Adobe Photoshop Fix also comes with the lightening and darkening effects that will help you highlight the subject of your image. For example, you can brighten the main focus element and darken others to make them more prominent.

6. Paint

Another essential photo-editing effect available in Photoshop Fix is paint. You can find an adjustable brush that will help you add new elements to your image or erase existing ones. In addition, the color dropper picks exact color shades.

7. Adjust

Adjust is another prominent photo-editing feature essential in creating stunning images. With this feature, you can balance brightness, contrast, control exposure, vignettes, and saturation to help you create professional-looking photos.

8. Defocus

Similar to the above Lighten and Darken feature, this feature helps you even out the background of your pictures. YIn addition, you can blur any unwanted elements in your images, helping you keep the focus on the picture’s main subject.

9. Export to Photoshop CC

In addition to all the above photo-editing and altering features, you can now directly export them to Photoshop CC. In addition, you can save your picture as a PSD file to further enhance and beautify it.

Why is the Adobe Photoshop Fix missing from the App Store?

After learning all the features of Adobe Photoshop Fix, you might be wondering why this app is not available on App Store but is still available on Google Play Store. The app first came out in 2016 and was made available to all Android smartphone users and iPhone users. However, in June 2021, the company decided to remove the app from the App store and merge all Adobe Photoshop Fix features with another existing photo-editing app, Adobe Photoshop Express.

However, the existing users can use the app without any issue. Also, the Android version is still available on the Play Store, and you download and install the Adobe Photoshop Fix app on your Android devices.


We hope that reading this article explains everything you need to know about Adobe Photoshop Fix. We shared everything worth knowing about the app, including its usage and complete features. The photo-editing app got initially launched in November 2016. However, the last update of the app came in May 2021.

In June 2021, the company announced the discontinuation of the mobile app for iOS. An official statement explained that the developers of this photo editor wanted to add its features to their flagship product, Photoshop Express. We hope you learned everything worth knowing about Photoshop Fix from this article, including why you can’t find the app on Apple App Store.

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