Is TrueCaller Messenger App Safe to use as Default Message App?

Since TrueCaller is the best caller id lookup application in the market now, some people doubt whether we can trust it or not. The main question is with the option of default messaging option. So people ask the question, ‘Is TrueCaller Safe to use as Default Messaging App’?

Is TrueCaller Safe

Here we will look into this matter and conclude whether we can use it as the messaging app. TrueCaller is the best and most used caller identification all over the world now. It can block unwanted spam calls and SMS effectively. Moreover, it provides accurate information about the unknown number once you receive a call. There is no concerns regarding its safety and we can say that TrueCaller is safe to use.

How TrueCaller show the details of unknown numbers?

What Truecaller is doing is collecting the contact information from the users. They are partially taking the contact list from each TrueCaller user and making data with all those collected details in their server to provide a proper search.

Once you receive a call that that not saved in your contact list, TrueCaller will check the number in their database, and if available, they will show the name of that particular number. It will only work when connected to the internet.

You might have noticed that some contact is showing some strange names, right? It happens because the TrueCaller takes contact details from their users and saves them in the same name as the user saved that number in their contact list. However, you can stop the syncing of contact so that TrueCaller will not sync your data in their server or to remove the number from TrueCaller database.

What about Setting TrueCaller Messenger App as the Default Messaging App?

TrueCaller also providing the option to set it as the default messaging app or even your default dialer (with the latest update). There is no issue in configuring the application as your default messenger app. It will provide you with more accurate details of each SMS.

Same as in the call, the app will offer you the details of each sender, and specifically, if the sender has an image/profile photo, you can have them too on your SMS list. So it is a better option as a messaging application.

But, before setting it up, you need to think of the following facts too. First, TrueCaller works as a cloud-based system so that it can sync your data on its server. So if your sync your data with their server, it will reside there, without any issue. Second, recently, we have heard so much news about data breaches and data hacking worldwide. Therefore, if a data breach happens to their server, there might be a chance of losing or stealing your data. But it is not an issue with TrueCaller only. It can happen to any cloud-based service.

Secondly, if you have access to your SMS, TruceCaller can read your regular SMS, OTP, or other SMS. TrueCaller will not do it against you, sure. But if some hacking or any breach occurs in between, it may also cause an issue.

In general, we can say that the issue mentioned above or concern is not only an issue of Truecaller, but any cloud-based system also has these types of questions. So that needs to be kept in mind. But basically, TrueCaller is the best caller id app for android and ios, and that can use as the default messaging app on your smartphone. You can block unwanted calls and SMS via TrueCaller effectively.

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