We all have accounts on different platforms. It could be for your email, social media apps, banking, or even school-related. All of these accounts are bound to have a password. These passwords are set up to be a preventive measure, so no one else can access your account without your knowledge.

However, almost everyone creates different accounts with the same password across all of those accounts. This is a big issue. If someone ever tries to hack into such people’s accounts for data or any other deed and guesses your password, they now have access to almost all of your other accounts as well. They can enter the same password into all the other accounts and steal all of your data or hold it for ransom.

This is why it is recommended that you diversify your passwords. Never let any two accounts share the same password. This decreases the likelihood of anyone hacking into all of your accounts, even if one was breached. The more varied your passwords are, the more safe you and your accounts will be.

Now arises the common question, “How will I remember all of my passwords?”. Granted, it is a valid question and something we all ask when we see articles like this. Well, that is where LastPass comes in. You can store different passwords, use autofill, and keep it encrypted to stay secure. But the issue is that, for free users, you can only use it on a single device.

Now, let us assume you have a LastPass account and have multiple passwords saved on it. But for some reason, you want to delete your account. What can you do? Let’s look at some ways you can delete your account.

One thing to note is that LastPass needs a master password for you to access it and make any changes to it, such as deleting your account.

Deleting Your LastPass Account Permanently

Before you completely close your LastPass account, you have the option to export all of your passwords in a .csv file. This makes it easier for you to import your passwords into the new password-managing app you use.

To do this, log in to your account and head to the “Advanced Options” tab on the left menu panel. Here, select the “Export” option. You will now receive the option to download your saved passwords. Download it to make entering passwords into the new password manager easy.

Now, to permanently close your LastPass account, click on “Account Settings” on the left menu panel. Here, select the “General” tab. Head to “Account Information” by scrolling down, and then click on “My Account”. Here, you can see the “Delete or Reset Your Account” option. Click on it to go to the next page. Here, choose the “Delete account” option.

Now, enter your master password and a reason why you are deleting your account, and confirm.

You have now successfully deleted your LastPass account permanently.

I Don’t Remember My Master Password, What Now?

If you do not remember your master password, fret not. You can still delete your LastPass account. You just need to have your email handy.

In the account deletion page from earlier, click on “Delete Account”. Now, when the prompt for entering the master password appears, choose “No” It will lead to the earlier prompt to ask for your email address. Enter your email. Now follow the instructions you receive in your email to delete your account permanently.

What If I Want A Fresh Start On The Same Account?

What if you want to clear your account of all the saved passwords but still want to use the same account? LastPass provides you with an option to reset your account so that you can still keep your account but use it like it’s new. This is especially beneficial if you have a premium account.

The process is similar to that of deleting your account.

In the “Delete or Reset Your Account” page, select “Reset Account”. This will bring up the prompt to enter your master password. If you don’t remember it, just click on “No” and enter your email. The steps are similar to that of deleting your account.


Deleting your account is useful for those who have found a better alternative to LastPass. Or it could be because you find LastPass’s premium plan expensive. Whatever your reason, the option to delete or reset your account after exporting your passwords is a great feature from LastPass.

We hope you found this article to be informative. LastPass is a great password manager with great security and encryption measures. Its free account is enough for most users, but the lack of multiple-device support could deter some. Either way, it is one of the best password managers out there.

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