Augmented reality (AR) became a way out for various beauty brands during the tough pandemic times when stores were closed and people could not physically access their favorite products. The main difficulty was that customers were not 100% sure about their purchasing decisions while shopping online, as they couldn’t see whether this lipstick, eyeshadows, or concealer was a perfect fit for them.

Top 5 Best AR Makeup Try-On Tools

Following are the few top AR Makeup Try-On Tools available.

1. Banuba’s Virtual Try-On

Banuba’s Guided Virtual Try-On is one of the best tools for displaying your cosmetic product online in all its glory. You will gain access to its advanced facial recognition technology, personalized AI recommendations, a speedy cosmetics digitizing process, and precise and realistic representation of your product on people of all skin colors. AR has brought beauty services into the digital realm, with major beauty brands releasing their virtual makeover software and makeup try-on apps.

This one-of-a-kind software is an ideal solution to increase your target audience base. If you’re striving to create a virtual mirror for e-commerce or fill your existing app or website with the virtual try-on function, Banuba’s Virtual Try-On is a perfect choice to make digital copies of your physical objects.

There are more than 22,000 digitized products already available within the software base. And, of course, you will be given a chance to digitize your cosmetic items in just 48 hours.

This revolutionary tool improves the online shopping experience, allowing users to make their road from try-on to checkout imperceptible. Furthermore, the AI Beauty Advisor will give essential tips on emphasizing your customers’ natural beauty.

Also, being fully web-based, this Virtual Try-On is accessible on any device. In addition, it can be integrated into your app or website pretty quickly, allowing you to launch your product in less than two weeks. Moreover, it is fully customizable to meet your brand’s most specific needs.

2. Sephora Virtual Artist

This innovative app from Sephora offers a wide range of virtual makeup products, including blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and more. Feel free to experiment with an endless array of lip colors, foundations, powders, and even false lashes. With this facial recognition technology, the app scans your face, showing how different cosmetic products will look on you.

So if you are in two minds and can’t decide which item to choose, the Virtual Artist will allow you to compare several products and pick the perfect one. But this is not everything it offers! You can also see how complete looks suit you, receive individual step-by-step tutorials, and match your makeup with your outfit.

3. L’Oreal Makeup Genius

L’Oreal’s revolutionizing app will change the way you play with your makeup. You have a unique chance to deal with beauty in a new way: take your device, download the Makeup Genius app, open it, scan your facial features with the help of your device camera, and start exploring the wonderful world of cosmetic items.

Browse L’Oreal’s products, choose the ones you like, tap them, and see how they look on your face. Also, you can try on full looks to repeat them in real life with the brand’s cosmetics.

But the app works not only for those who stay browsing at home. You can also go to L’Oreal’s brick-and-mortar store, scan some product’s barcode using the app, and immediately see whether it matches you. There is no need to use physical testers, which is a great thing during the pandemic.

This way, L’Oreal welcomes you to join the beauty revolution and make the world more attractive together!

4. Mary Kay Mirror Me

Mary Kay also allows its customers to see how certain cosmetic products will look on their faces in real time. Then, you can try them on by using your front camera or uploading your photo. With the Mirror Me app, you can try on hundreds of Mary Kay products to create the makeup looks you will adore.

With this app, finding your perfect cosmetics is possible from anywhere you are. Plus, you can share your looks with your friends on social media to discover their thoughts, or you can save your look to your device for further inspiration.

5. MAC Virtual Try On

MAC is known for its wide range of colors; finally, everyone can indulge in beauty from their homes. You can try their virtual try-on tool and choose your ideal eyeshadows or lipsticks straight on their website. Simply choose the necessary product and click the TRY IT ON button. After that, allow access to your device camera or upload your photo to see the product applied to your face instantly.