6 Top Educational Apps for Students

Today’s students can enjoy the benefits of technological innovations — almost all the information they need can be stored in their pockets. Google Play and the Apple Store have so many apps for studying that it’s hard to keep your eyes open. We have prepared for you a selection of practical and easy-to-use applications that will help you achieve even greater academic success and make your life easier.


Are your essay deadlines on fire? The academic help for students at Essayshark iOS application will help you cope with your assignments. The service offers essay writing from scratch with no upfront fees. The app team includes more than 500 experienced writers.

You can choose the implementer of your work in the rating of the best, read reviews and even write to them to ask questions or clarify the details of the work. The app will help you tackle assignments in 14 disciplines, from sociology essays to thesis papers. What’s more, you can view the work before you pay for it and follow the entire writing process.


“I don’t read because I don’t have time for it” won’t work anymore. Blinkist is a service whose editorial team takes the most interesting books and extracts the most useful information from them. They are then turned into short articles (5-10 minutes of reading time) with an overwhelming amount of useful information per square centimeter.

It’s a great option for students who are always short on time. Blinkist gives you a three-day free period to enjoy all its charms and then asks you to buy a subscription, which costs $8 a month. If you purchase it all at once for six months or a year, you can save a lot of money.


Do you want to learn a new language? Memrise is an online service and mobile app for language learning. Its approach is radically different from other similar services. Users learn through audio and video content recorded by native speakers of the language they are learning and then take tests to check their knowledge. Students can choose among the 23 languages available in the app.

What’s more, the courses are designed for three different areas — tourism, relocation, and cultural studies. The app offers three types of subscriptions — monthly, annual, and lifetime. The annual subscription is considered the most advantageous option and costs $7.5 per month with a one-time payment for the whole year.


Preparing for exams and tests can be exhausting. With CheggPrep, you can study with flashcards from anywhere. The service offers more than 500 million flashcards on a variety of subjects. Can’t find what you need? Create flashcards for yourself, study for exams with them, and share them with your friends. The best bonus will be that the app is absolutely free, and with it, you can learn and review the material in a short time and test your knowledge — a great way to improve your grades anywhere at any time.


Deepstash is a useful app that gives you lots of useful tips and advice about everything. Stop killing time on social networks when you can spend it usefully. The service offers new ideas, tips, reviews, and other educational content.

Articles are short retellings of certain books, the content of various websites, and other sources of information created by real users of the service. This way, you don’t have to waste time reviewing and analyzing these or those materials, and you can get straight to the point. What’s more, you can learn new skills or improve your existing ones in the app. Deepstash is absolutely free, and everyone can share their insights.


Students work a lot with texts and can make mistakes they don’t notice. Grammarly is more than just an online proofreading tool that lets you upload a document for review. It offers great flexibility through its ability to integrate with other applications.

Grammarly is based on the original online version. Here you can download a document for checking or simply create one online and check it on the fly while you type. In addition, there is also Grammarly for different operating systems and devices. It not only works with spelling but many other areas as well.

Grammarly evaluates your written text in several ways — correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. The app has a free version with limited functionality. The paid version is a bargain to buy on Black Friday at 60% off. In that case, Grammarly for a year will cost you up to $80.

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