Track or Find Android Phone Using Google Find My Device App

Tracking or finding your Android device is useful sometimes in daily life. For example, in some minor cases, you kept the Phone somewhere hidden in the room or, in the worst case, if someone stole your Mobile. So in all the cases, the Find My Device app is somehow is useful for security and the protection of devices and data.

Whatever the case, finding the Phone using Google Find My Phone app is easy. We discuss finding an Android device or even wiping the data from the phone using Google’s official app.

Google Find My Device Settings

Earlier, the option was enabled within the Phone as a setting and enabled by a simple tap. The newer version of devices added this feature in a standalone app that we will discuss in the latter part.

To find the Google Find My Device option, navigate to Settings > Google > Security. Under the security option, you can find Google Device Manager / Google Find My Device.

If the option is disabled, you can enable it so that it will allow the tracking. If you asked for location permissions, allow that too, then Google can track the device effectively.

If you wish to enable the remote data wipe option (useful in the case the device got stolen), enable ‘Allow remote lock and erase’ or ‘Allow remote factory reset’ depends on the Phone you are using.

Install and Enable Google Find My Device

As mentioned above, in the newer version of Android devices, Google added all those features in a standalone application. So by default, none of the features are enabled.

To get all the tracking and data wiping features, you need to download the Google Find My Device app from the PlayStore. But make sure to download the official app from the PlayStore. You can find several tracking applications in PlayStore, so find the correct one.

To find the correct app, go to Settings > Google > Security > Find My Device.

You can find ‘Get it on Google Play’ under the Find My Device option on that page.


Click on it, and you will be redirected to the PlayStore, where you can download the application.

Once downloaded and installed, sign in to the service using your Gmail address. It will ask for the password.

Once signed in, you will be asked to allow location permissions. Allow them to proceed. Once the setup is completed, you can see the following options.


Play Sound: PlaySound is helpful in case if you need to find a device with a ringtone. For example, if you connected the 2nd Phone to your Gmail account and need to find that device, click on the Play Sound option.

The other Phone will start ringing with a maximum sound even if it is in vibration mode or silent mode.

Secure Device: This option is also helpful to lock the device remotely. Like the Play Sound option, if you need to lock the second Phone, click on the Secure Device option, instantly, the other phone will get locked.

It can be unlocked only using the PIN, Pattern, Face, Finger, whatever security is already added by the user.

Erase Device: Erasing the device is the extreme action used when your device got stolen. If you have some valuable data in the device, you can use this option as a security measure.

Once used this option, all the Phone data get erased so that your data will not reach the other party. But keep in mind that all the data will be lost once erased, and you will not get any access to the Phone via Find My Device App.

Also, this option won’t wipe the data in your external storage. It can only clear the data in the Phone’s internal memory.

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