The TalkBack feature on the Android smartphone is excellent, but users are looking to disable the Talkback permanently when it is activated accidentally. Unfortunately, the talkback feature can cause some issues too. Most Android users complain about their smartphones automatically turning on the TalkBack feature. If the Talkback option is turned on, the phone starts speaking to you for all your actions, and the click-based activities will not work as before.

In this article, we are looking towards the question, How to Turn off talkback on Android. So, if you are using a Samsung or a Google Pixel phone and the talkback won’t turn off, you can quickly solve the talkback issue with the help of this tutorial.

What is Talkback on Android Phones

Google introduced the talkback feature on the Android device to make Android smartphones useful for all users. They developed the service to help blind and visually impaired users use smartphones without external help. The device will start talking to the user when the talkback feature is activated. For each activity done on the smartphone, the device will speak the same aloud. So the user can understand what action was performed. It helps those visually impaired users.

How the Talkback Option Gets Turn on Automatically

As mentioned before, the Talkback feature on the Android smartphone was helpful for blind and visually impaired users. But this feature gets activated accidentally in most cases. If that gets activated, the regular touch won’t work as before. The phone will speak all the time when any touch happens.

All the Android smartphones had a shortcut option to activate the Talk Back feature. For example, the talkback feature will activate if we press and hold both volumes up and down simultaneously for 3 seconds. However, since Google integrated the shortcut with the volume button, most users might hit that accidentally. So, here, we will check how to disable or turn off the Talkback feature on Android devices.

How to Turn off the Talkback on Android Smartphones

We have two options to turn off the talkback on Android mobile if the service gets activated accidentally. Most people get frustrated if the option gets enabled and don’t know how to disable it. So, we will check the two options to disable the talkback service.

How to Disable Talkback without settings – Turn off the Talkback on Android Using Shortcut Option

Now the question is how to disable talkback without settings. Press the same shortcut option again to turn off the talkback without setting the shortcut. Pressing and holding the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously for three seconds while the talkback feature is enabled will turn off the talkback feature on Android.

So, we can say that Pressing and holding the volume UP and Down buttons together for 3 seconds will activate the talkback feature. Again, pressing and holding the same Volume Up and Down button for 3 seconds will turn off the talkback feature.

Each time the talkback option is activated and deactivated, the phone will show a small notification on the screen. Likewise, you will hear a voice saying the Talkback feature is activated and deactivated once turned off.

Disable Talkback Feature from the Settings

Follow the steps below to turn talkback off on your Android device from the setting.

Step 1: Open the settings app on the mobile device.

Step 2: From the settings, scroll down to the bottom, and you will find an option called Additional Settings. Click on that.

Step 3: You can find another option called Accessibility from the Additional settings. Click on that.

Step 4: Inside the option, you can find another option called Talkback. Click on Talkback.

Step 5: Finally, you can see TalkBack enable and disable options. Turn off the Talkback option.

Now, the Android phone will work as usual, and you can use it like before. However, the shortcut method is the easiest way to turn off the TalkBack option on Android Phones.

How to Turn Talkback Off Completly

If the Talkback feature is activated, we can deactivate and turn it off using the shortcut and settings option. However, we cannot remove the talkback option entirely from the device as it is an inbuilt feature.

How to Turn Off Talkback Shortcut

The talkback shortcut is added to the volume up and down button. So if we press and hold the volume up and down button for 3 seconds, the talkback option will be activated and deactivated. However, we cannot remove or disable the shortcut option from the volume up and down button.

How to Turn off Talkback on Lock Screen

While the screen is locked, we cannot turn on and turn off the talkback option. However, you can unlock the screen and press and hold the volume up and down keys for three seconds, which will turn off the talk-back feature from the phone.

Why the Talkback Feature Can’t Be Disabled on Samsung Phones?

The Talkback feature is called Voice Assistance on Samsung devices, and Samsung has placed it under the accessibility setting. So, to disable the talkback without pressing the volume, follow the steps below on Samsung devices.

Step 1: While the talkback is activated, swipe down the screen using two fingers to find the notifications panel.

Step 2: From the notification panel, tap on the setting icon (now it will be selected). Now, double-tap it again to open the settings on your Samsung device.

Step 3: Now, scroll down using two fingers from the settings.

Step 4: You can find the Accessibility option at the bottom. Tap it once, and it will get selected. Then, double-tap it to open.

Step 5: Within the Accessibility settings, tap on the Screen Reader and double-tap it again to open.

Step 6: Next, you will see the Voice Assistant option enabled on the Screen Reader page.

Step 7: You must disable it by tapping and double-tapping.

Step 8: A confirmation window will appear. Then tap on OK, then double-tap it again so that the Voice Assistance or the Talkback feature on the Samsung device will be disabled.

How to Disable Talkback Without Settings

For the question of how to disable talkback without settings, we have explained the shortcut method in the initial part of this article. To disable the talkback without the settings option, press and hold the volume up and down buttons together for 3 seconds. Then, a small notification will be visible on the screen saying that the talkback is turned off.

Why is Talkback Named Voice Assistance on Samsung Phones?

Samsung devices are customized with the One UI over the stock Android versions. Hence, Samsung also modified the talk-back feature to include a customized name. Since the talkback feature is a voice assistance feature, Samsung renamed it with a more appropriate name, like Voice Assistance, which is more understandable for end-users than the default Talkback name. So, while you turn off talkback on the Samsung device, follow the same.

Why Talkback on iPhone is Not Available?

Talkback is a feature that is available only on Android mobile, and you can find it on Apple devices. However, since both are different operating systems, you won’t be able to use the talkback feature on iPhone.

Is a Complete Turnoff Talkback Shortcut Possible?

No, you can turn on and turn off talkback using the shortcut. However, completely removing the shortcut from your Android mobile is not possible.

Do We Have a Talkback Feature on Google Pixel Phone?

Yes, Google Pixel is also an Android phone; you can see the future of Talkback on Google Pixel. All Android phones, including Google, Samsung, Motorola, Nothing, Huawei, Vivo, etc., support the Talkback feature. However, you may see changes in the name and settings based on the customization on each mobile.

Can We Uninstall Talkback Using ADB Command?

No, Talkback is added to the system as an integrated feature, not a separate app. ADB command can only uninstall system apps, not a particular feature alone. So, it is impossible to uninstall or remove the talkback feature using the ADB command.