How to Fix the Power Button Not Working Issue on Android

There is no explanation needed, how important the power button on an Android device is. Each time a user takes the mobile, the first activity is pressing the power button. A power button is needed to unlock and lock the android device, and if you count the number of power buttons pressed in a day, it can be more than 100 times.

Since users press the power button for every activity, there are chances that it can cause damage. Think of the situation in which the power button suddenly stopped working on your Android device. It would be the most frustrating situation, and in this article, we are looking for ways to fix the power off button issue temporarily and permanently.

Why the Power Key Not Working on Android Device?

If you received the new Android device with a faulty power key, it is a manufacturing defect, and you should return or replace the device without any further thought. On the other hand, you noticed the issue with the power off button after some time, then you won’t be able to return it.

If you can’t turn your phone on and off using the power key, it can be due to multiple reasons. One reason is the issue with the button and its connector. Due to the cheap build quality on some devices, the power button may fail so quickly.

On the other hand, the button may get damaged due to the excess use of the power key for frequent on and off. We can also see some people apply too much pressure on the power button, which can also cause the power key to get damaged so easily.

How to fix the Power Button Not Working Problem on Android?

There are two types of fixes: the temporary fix and the other is the permanent fix. If you are experiencing the power button issue on your daily usage phone, then both permanent and quick fixes are needed.

Permanent Fix for the Power Key Button Issue

Since the power button is physical hardware, the software-related fixes can only do a partial or temporary fix for the problem. To permanently solve the power button issue, you need to take the handset to a service center and let the technician fix the issue by replacing the hardware part or repairing them.

Fixing the issue permanently by a service center can take time, and that you need to plan accordingly. You should find an alternative handset during that time and need to transfer the data from your damaged phone to the alternative mobile etc. These steps may take some time. So till then, you need to use the faulty phone, and for that, we need to look for a temporary and quick fix.

Temporary Quick Fix to Solve the Power Button Issue

To fix the issue quickly, you can use the mobile without issues by using a third-party app that can bypass the power button action or assign the power button action to another key.

So now we can look at some apps that can help you fix the power on and off button issue.

Gravity Screen – On/Off

Gravity Screen is one popular app that helps fix the power button issue on Android devices. Gravity Screen is a free application that works with the help of accelerometer and gyroscope sensors on the phone. The app turns on and off automatically with the use of sensors.

Suppose you activate the Gravity Screen app on your mobile. It uses mobile sensors to detect the pocket mode, and if you take the phone in your hand, it will turn on automatically. Similarly, if you put the phone in your pocket or keep the phone in an idle place will turn the screen off automatically. So, in short, the power button pressing can be avoided with the help of sensor-based detection.

The app uses multiple sensing technologies to make it more accurate. It has a pocket sensor that detects whether your phone is in the pocket or not and will turn on and off accordingly.

It also has a table sensing mechanism in which if you put the phone over a table, the app will turn off the screen automatically.

Another detection is the motion in which, if you take the phone upwards or move the mobile, it will identify automatically and turn on and off automatically.

Power Button to Volume Button

Power Button to Volume Button was one of the popular apps that help users to reassign the power button functionality to the Volume Button. If the volume button on your Android device works fine, this application can easily assign the power on and off function to the volume button.

However, the main drawback of the application was the battery draining issue, and regarding the update, we can see that the app is not being updated for a long time. Since the Android is now updated to the all-new Android 12, the app is not compatible with some latest OS updates. Hence, it won’t work as expected.

Button Savior Non Root and Root

Button Savior consists of two applications. One is for Non-Rooted devices, and the other is for Rooted devices. Both applications are free, and if you are looking for the app for Power Button function only, then the Non-Rooted version is enough. On the other hand, the rooted version offers more button options that the non-rooted version can’t provide.

The app works so that it will create a floating menu on the screen with all the configured button keys. Those softkeys can be used as an alternative key on your phone. The floating keys can be activated by swipe or by gestures.

Alternative Tricks to Bypass the Power Button Issue

Some people use some tricks to fix or overcome the power button issue that can be done without any third-party application or tools. So, we can have a look at those tricks now.

  1. As a quick trick, if the power button is not working and you want to turn on the screen, you can connect the charger to the device. Once plugged in, the mobile will automatically turn on, and you can use the device without the power key. The drawback with this trick is that you need to keep the charger all the time, and you should also need a power source, which is not convenient.
  2. Another trick is by removing and reinserting the battery. If your device has a removable battery, you can do the trick. Some devices will automatically turn on once you reinsert the battery.

How to Fix If the Power Button is Stuck?

In some cases, the power button gets stuck, and in that case, the device may turn off and on continuously. This may be due to the issue with the power button getting blocked inside the side panel. If the power button is stuck, the device may restart continuously. The only option available is to repair or replace the power button by visiting the service center.

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