Remember few important points before selling your old iphone to third party. You should need a perfect backup to shift all important files, photos, videos and classic graphic pictures to computer. Definitely, you must not hand over your bank details and ID proof information to the buyer. Learn how to format the iphone deleting content from the device prior to sale.

Backup all the important data for iPhone Before Selling

Before erasing junk documents and photos, try to Connect your iPhone to your laptop/computer/Mac for having the immediate backup, you must move all the important or useful data on other device ,so they can be imported into new iPhone in the future, then next :

Step 1> Have Technical Backup to Relocate All Data

Step 2 > Proceed to deactivate iMessage

Settings app > Messages > iMessage > switch off

Step 3 > Turn off Face Time

Settings app > FaceTime > switch to off

ios data wipe 1

Step 4 > Deactivation of iCloud Account

Settings app > iCloud > Sign Out

ios data wipe 2

Step 5 > Do Logging Out of Apple ID

Settings app >App /iTunes Stores > tap Apple ID and sign out

ios data wipe 3

Step 6> Unregister Your iPhone

Complete iphone un-registration visiting and the service provider will certainly discontinue activating your account.

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Erase Or Clean up iPhone Before Selling

After all the data is backed up on other device , you can start cleaning your iPhone ,SafeWiper for iOS software is now available for iPhone users to remove tons of photos, videos, files and graphic pictures from the archive of iPhone completely. This alternative software detects all documents for permanent deletion to format the iPhone properly. Data erasing process is smooth to clean the homes screen and hard drive of your iPhone majestically. Don’t delete digital materials manually. It will be stored in recycling bin or hard drive. The powerful data eraser for iPhone wipes out remnants from the memory to manage the data storage unit fantastically.

Follow these steps to clean up iPhone with SafeWiper tool

  • Step 1: Get SafeWiper tool and install it on your computer.
  • Step 2: Connect your iPhone to Computer , and launch the SafeWiper tool on your computer.
  • ios data wipe 4

  • Step 3: After your iPhone can be recognized on Computer , the SafeWiper will provide 3 options for iPhone data erase .(like “Erase Deleted Data”,”Erase All Data”,”Erase Private Data”).
  • ios data wipe 5

  • Step 4: Choose one for your needs , (Like Erase All Data) then the SafeWiper can scan your iPhone immediately ,Within a minute, you can preview all your iPhone data.
  • ios data wipe 6

  • Step 5: Select and erase the iPhone data that you want.
  • ios data wipe 7

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Disable Find My iPhone

Your customer will not accept the iPhone if it is not fully cleaned without any apps/data in storage. Obviously, iPhone must look like a new one. Therefore, be careful at the time of content erasing from the device. Turn off Find My iPhone section. It must be disabled. It should not be supported by Apple ID to open your account. Check following formalities below

  • Settings App
  • Open your personal account settings
  • Select iCloud
  • ios data wipe 8

  • Go to Find My iPhone setting
  • Toggle for deactivating Find My iPhone mode


Use your Apple ID code for security purpose. In future, none will be capable of having access to your personal profile

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Do perfect iPhone erasing and then decide to sell your iPhone. Buyers must not have any chance to reach icloud for data restoration. That’s why use the SafeWiper tool to remove all the iPhone data for make it completely clean in the long run, but keep in mind , be careful before erasing your iPhone , because once the data has been deleted , you can not restore them back at all .
Furthermore , the SafeWiper includes many other data erasure tutorials , such as iPhone text messages /Contacts /Photos eraser ……

Go to SafeWiper’s website for more information

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