After the offical release of the Microsoft’s latest Operating system, Windows 10 on July 29th, The company now started rolling out the OS freely for the reserved Windows 7, 8, 8.1 users.

Those who are already reserved for the new windows will now get notification from Microsoft. After that, do apply upgrade for the new OS. The whole upgrade will take only less than an hour process and you will be upgraded to the new OS.

From my one day usage, i do like the OS than than the old Windows 8.1. From my experience the new OS is much faster than the old one. Also the start screen is now integrated with start menu, its now a combination of windows 7 start menu and windows 8 start screen. Its a handy thing, it will not make us confuse.

Also the windows application is now opening in a new window, not like the older full screen mode, it is also a good thing, so that we can use other application as like in the windows 7.

Microsoft Edge is also do the best, its like the google chrome, its faster and good looking too. The downloads in Microsoft Edge is also faster than any other version. Microsoft also inplemened an reading mode in the Edge, so that user can read a webpage with out any other content such as ads, sidebar, header, footer etc.

Overall, the perfomance is good, i prefer you to upgrade your PC to Windows 10.

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