iPhone Clear App Cache Without Deleting App?

For Android users, the best thing regarding the application being installed on the phone is that users will get complete control to manage the application and the same with app cache data. If users wish to clear the cache of any particular app, they can clear it without deleting it.

Similarly, iPhone users are asking the same question, whether on an iPhone, clear app cache without deleting app is possible or not. The simple answer is, No; on apple devices, users won’t get an option to clear the app cache data without deleting the app.

How to Clear iPhone and iPad App Cache Data?

Clearing the cache data on iPhone and iPad is only possible by deleting the app. Since App is not providing an option to clear the app cache data independently, it is not possible even on iOS 16 and IPad OS 16. So, if you wish to clear the app cache data, you need to delete the app from the iPhone or iPad and install it again from the App store.

Once done, the cache data will be cleared; however, the data saved within iCloud will be restored, and you can use it again without any further configurations.

Why Clearing iPhone App Data Not Possible Without Deleting App?

Apple is not offering an option to clear the cache data of any app by default. Since apple is giving priority to performance, clearing cache data will affect the same as keeping the cache data all the time will increase the loading time and the app performance.

Frequently used and static data within the app is always kept within the cache data and helps load the app faster without feting directly from the app database. Thus overall app performance will increase.

Apple Automatic App Cache Clearing

Apple uses an intelligent app cache-clearing mechanism within the devices. It automatically clears the app cache data when the memory gets lower. iOS devices will automatically delete the old cache data once the memory is lower and clears the less used and unused data. Hence no need to worry about the app cache data. If the data needs to be removed explicitly, the option is to uninstall the app from the device.

App Cache Data Clearing option on Apple Devices

Some third-party applications, like Spotify, and Accu weather, provide an option to clear the cache data within the app. Similarly, if any app provides such options to remove the app cache data without deleting it, then you can use it to remove the cache data of that particular app.

Note that this option is only available on a few apps; if any app provides such an option, you can clear the cache data. Otherwise, you must delete the app or rely on the automatic app cache-clearing option.

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