Those who love Appsumo for the Lifetime deals know well about the Appsumo Refund Policy, as the company offers a 60-day money-back policy on almost all the products. So it was always a great deal for the Sumolings (Appsumo Users) to use the software without any concern. Furthermore, if the application or the service is not worth the money, Appsumo always offers money back without any questions.

Appsumo users always have this plus point in mind while purchasing any product. If they don’t like the product, they can demand a full refund in 60 days. But you should know some facts about the refund and the repeated cancellations.

Appsumo Automatic Refund Not Working

Even though the company says that 60 days refund is available and you can initiate the refund, ‘no questions asked’. Sometimes they ask questions for sure. If they think that you are canceling the products and asking for a refund, they will disable the automatic refund, and you need to email them asking for the refund. In that case, as per the company, repeated cancellation and refund initiation is considered fraudulent activity and the abuse of their service.

How to Initiate Refund on Appsumo?

Normally, the refund process was simple, and you need to log in to your AppSumo account and go to the product. Then, from the items listed, you can click on the particular item you wish to make the refund and click on the refund button.

After that, the system will ask for the refund credit option, and you can either select the payment source or the Appsumo credit option. If you select AppSumo credit, the refund amount will be credited instantly to your Appsumo account, and you can use the credit for further purchases.

If you select the Payment source, the refund amount will be credited to your Card/Bank account and take 5-7 days.

Appsumo Automatic Refund Disabled

As said above, if they find you are canceling the services frequently, they might disable the automatic refund, and you will see a message saying, “Automatic Refund is temporarily disabled for this product”. So you need to email them and request a refund manually.

If they are fine with it, they will issue a refund. Otherwise, they will ask for further clarification.

Appsumo Refund Issue Happend with us

We, too, are faced with the issue. We never saw any terms saying that Appsumo users need to limit the number of cancellations. We purchase a couple of products from Appsumo and still using a number of them for the past years. At the same time, we canceled few products too. We purchased those products because of the 60-day money-back guarantee. What is our mind was to use the product and if that worth, we can use it further, and if not, we can cancel?

But unfortunately, we tried to make a cancelation, and the automatic refund was not working. So we emailed them with the cancellation request.

Then, we received an email from them after 1 week, and they are saying that my account having multiple cancellations, and it looks like fraud and abuse of service. They asked for further clarification.

In a reply, I explained all the facts and informed them to check my account to see whether it is genuine or a fraud account (the reason I still have multiple services active on my account)

Unfortunately, for that email, I didn’t receive any email further. However, I am not demanding for further refund.

What I expect from them is, they should clearly specify this matter on the website. So that everyone should understand that, they put some limit on the cancellation. It will help everyone to select the product precisely, rather than making the purchase blindly.

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