In order to keep themselves alive in the game, all the telecom companies in India are trying their best by implementing new and good offers to the customers. All the telecom companies are introducing new type of recharge plans every day.

Even after becoming the largest telecom company, Vodafone Idea is still loosing their customers every day. Both Idea and Vodafone tries to introduce separate recharge plans to their customers to keep them in the same network.

Now, Vodafone come up with a new First Recharge Plan for Rs. 351 with 56 days validity. By this plan, the company is looking to attract new customers, but sadly we can say that, this plan will not make any good to them. Lets see the details of the plan.

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Vodafone Rs. 351 First recharge Plan

Vodafone new Rs. 351 first recharge plan comes with 56 days validity. All the new Vodafone customers who does the recharge will get unlimited voice calls which can be used for local, national and roaming calls. Customers will also get 100 sms free every day. During the 56 days validity time, users can also enjoy Vodafone Play service too.

But the downside of this plan is there is no data benefit with this. Since users are paying this high amount for this plan and not getting any data benefits is now a days not so good. All the networks are now offering unlimited calls, data with the same rates.

Does it worth recharging the Rs. 351 Plan

If you are only using the mobile for calls and not for data, then you can consider the plan. But on the same side if you can spend 50 to 100 rs more, then you will get other plan with 70 to 84 days validity with call, sms and data.

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One more problem with this plan is that, Vodafone is giving the users 56 days Vodafone Play service free of charge. But in order to use the service, users needs to do recharge for data plans or use the Wifi connection, which will not make any sense.

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