Unique Porting Code or UPC might be familiar for most of the mobile users in India now. From the time Mobile Number Portability came into functional, the work Porting Code or UPC is there. UPC or Unique Porting Code is a code used to port a mobile number from one network to another, or simply it will help you switch mobile service providers.

Here we will check the details about the Unique Porting Code, which includes most of the frequently asked questions about that such as,

  • What is a Unique Porting Code (UPC) for SIM
  • Use of Unique Porting Code?
  • How to get UPC for the SIM?
  • How Long will be the Validity of UPC?
  • What happens if the UPC expired?

Note: We can see this during the lockdown, and the pandemic time, almost all the service providers network is not performing well. So users are looking to port their number to another network. So what we can recommend now is to understand the network availability carefully in your area and then only choose one network. The thing is that some people are porting their mobile number to another network at the recommendation of their friends and relatives. But once they switched to the new network, they realize that the new network also performing well.

The fact is that for each network, the network signal, performance, etc. are different in each place. So, firstly, understand the network availability in your local area before making a switch. Then, once you port to a new network, you need to wait for 90 days to switch again.

What is a Unique Porting Code (UPC) for SIM

As mentioned above, the Unique Porting Code is a code that you receive from your current mobile operator. This code will be used to switch your mobile network or provider to a new one without changing the mobile number. The process involved in this is called Mobile Number Portability. It can be called changing the mobile service provider to a new one without changing the existing mobile number.

With Mobile Number Portability (MNP), you can change your network, whether it is Vi (Vodafone Idea), Airtel, BSNL, or Jio to a new provider. From Airtel to Vi, BSNL to Jio, Jio to Airtel, Vi to Airtel, Vi to Jio depends on your choice.

The switching can be done only with a UPC. After the merging of Vodafone and Idea, a new brand called Vi was introduced. However, Vi users are still struggling with their service in some areas. In this case, people tend to port Vi numbers to airtel and similarly Vodafone Idea to Airtel or Jio and mainly in Kerala users prefer to port to BSNL.

Use of Unique Porting Code?

Unique Porting Code is used as an identification for the mobile number that is used for Porting. Without the UPC, we cannot port the number. So the Unique Porting Code is used as the PIN for the entire process. The user needs to submit the Code and other documents to the new service provider to complete the process.

Then the new service provider will send the request to the existing operator for approval. The current operator will check the UPC code. If the code matches the code in their system, the porting authority will approve the porting request if no other issues exist.

If the code is wrong, the system will reject the request, and the porting will not happen. In that case, the user needs to do the same process again.

How to get UPC for the SIM?

If you plan to switch your mobile network, you need to send one SMS from your mobile to 1900. The format for the same is PORT < space > 10 DIGIT MOBILE NUMBER

For, e.g., if the mobile number is 9123456789, then send an SMS to 1900 in the following format.

PORT 9123456789

For the SMS, the user will be charged with Rs. 1/- or the corresponding SMS charge as per the plan. Once done, you will receive an SMS from 1901 with Porting Code. Share the UPC code with the new operatorโ€™s store (the network you will switch to) or any retail shop and ask them for the MNP. Then, submit the required document and done. Your number will be ported to the new service provider in 3 days.

How Long will be the Validity of UPC?

UPC will be valid for 4 days except for Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, and North East circles. Use the code before the validity end. It is recommended to use the code at least 1 day before the expiry for a smooth transfer. Before the expiry date, you will get the same porting code with the same validity if you sent the port message again. So, if you canโ€™t use the existing UPC in that particular validity period, sent the PORT message again after the validity ends.

What happens if the UPC expired?

It is recommended to use the UPC at least 1 day before the expiry date. Once the current operator has processed the UPC code, then there is no issue. Otherwise, you need to get a new porting code with a new validity to start the process again.

Suppose the Porting Code has been processed, you will get a message from the new operator regarding the status. It is not recommended to initiate the porting request on the last or one day before the porting code expiry date. So always do it at least 1 day before it.

Porting from Jio to Airtel is nothing different from other operators. Just sent one message from your Jio number with the port request to 1900 and follow the steps as mentioned above. However, to be noted, to send the port request, you must have one active plan on your Jio number. Otherwise, you will not be able to send the SMS.

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