Reliance Jio Call Forwarding Code And Why BSNL Numbers is not Working

Reliance Jio is now being used by almost all the mobile users in India either as their primary number or as the secondary one. But more than two years after the launch, the company is still receiving complaints from the customers regarding the coverage issue, and Jio call forwarding.

Some users forward the calls to other numbers to receive incoming calls while out of coverage or sometimes wholly. Jio provides the call forwarding facility too. Users can use call forwarding code or even from settings to activate the service. The best part with Jio is that since the all the voice call feature is free in Jio, call forwarding can do without any extra cost.

Here we will check Jio call forwarding code and why the call forwarding is not working to BSNL numbers. If you are looking for the Jio call forwarding code or looking to know how to activate the Jio sim and enable the call to divert, check the How to Activate Call Forwarding section below.

You can receive all the calls from your Jio number to another Indian number and freely receive any part of the country. Even though the fact is like this, there are some disappointing factors too. We got messages from users asking why they call forwarding from Jio to BSNL is not working. In general, the BSNL call forwarding option is not available in Jio.

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Is the call forwarding from Jio to BSNL works ?

Technically as per Jio, you can forward your Jio number to any mobile number in India. No matter, whether it is BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc. But when we tried to forward the call to a BSNL number, it did not work. The setup was successful. However, when we tried to call the Jio number, we hear the message that the number doesn’t exist.

We contacted customer care, and as per them, the call forward feature was not available to the BSNL number. The service is working for all networks other than BSNL. The customer care executive didn’t comment on the reason behind the issue. They are saying the service is not available to BSNL numbers currently.

What is the cause of the Issue ?

Initially, we also thought that it is some technical issue. But as we discussed customer care, it is clear that the service is not available to BSNL numbers. So there might be some issues between these two operators.

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How to resolve Jio Call Forwarding Issue?

Since the service is not available to BSNL numbers, we have only the option to forward it to any other number of other operators (if any). If you need BSNL itself, then better to log a complaint to Jio by dialing 1991. If more people demand the same, they might enable it.

How to Enable and Disable Call Forwarding in Jio ?

In all cases, it is not possible to Activate and Deactivate the call forwarding in your Jio number using the call settings menu on the mobile. It is highly recommended to enable and disable the feature using the USSD option.

How to Activate Call Forwarding and enable call divert ?

Call forwarding Jio Number to another number can be done in mainly 4 cases and following are the Jio Call Forwarding Code

  1. Call forwarding Unconditional – *401*<10 digit number> – This option is used to forward all the calls from your mobile. All the calls will get transferred to the given number.
  2. Call forwarding – no answer- *403*<10 digit number> – This option can be used to forward the call in the case if the user didn’t pick the mobile.
  3. Call forwarding – busy – *405*<10 digit number> – If the number is busy, call will be diverted to the given number.
  4. Call Conditional call forwarding – not reachable-*409*<10 digit number> – This is the most used option. Here the calls will be transferred to the given number if the Jio number is switched off or out out coverage.

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How to Deactivate Call Forwarding ?

Following are the call forwarding deactivation code for Jio

  1. Cancel call forwarding Unconditional – *402
  2. Cancel call forwarding – no answer- *404
  3. Cancel call forwarding – busy – *406
  4. Cancel conditional call forwarding – not reachable- *410
  5. Cancel all the forwarding together – *413

11 thoughts on “Reliance Jio Call Forwarding Code And Why BSNL Numbers is not Working”

  1. Thanks bro..Bsnl call forwarding doesnt work in jio. I was able to do call forwarding in my jio sim to airtel number.

  2. JIO itself blocking all calls getting diverted to BSNL number so we won’t be able to forward any calls from JIO to BSNL however this is perfactly works in opposite directions , all calls perfactly getting forwarded from BSNL to JIO .

    call forwarding –> from JIO to BSNL –> won’t work issue on JIO side only –> not sure if JIO will come up any plan for this .

    call forwarding –> from BSNL to JIO –> working perfactly with no issues.


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