Primo is one of the latest Chat and Calling application which is available in both android and IOS Platform. The main highlight of this application is that it offers a best and cheap mobile/landline calling feature also. It is one of the cheap calling application to most of the countries especially to India. You can call other Primo Users free of cost and to Landline and Mobile using Primo Credit or Free Minute.

They offers free minute on signup and you can add more free minutes by entering your personal details such as Phone number, email address, location etc. You can also get more free minute by referring friends to use Primo. On each signup from your referral, you will get free minutes. They will also offer free minutes monthly. You can also send SMS to other mobile number around the world using Primo as like the normal Phone.

You can use these free minutes to call any land or mobile number in almost 30 countries.

One another feature is that, they will provide you a Free US Phone Number. so that you can use that number as a separate personal number. Your call and messages to other mobile and landline will be made from this number, so that the receiver will see your US Phone Number. You can also receive call and SMS using the same US number.

You can buy primo credits or free minutes so that you can call or sms even after your free minute. The best thing is that, the calling rate is very less compared to other providers such as Skype, Viber etc. The call clarity is also very good, you can even use it with 3G or 4G network.

Comparing the rate to India, you can call India for 1cent per minute, ie according to Indian Currency it will be 67 Paisa only. where as you can call using Skype for 91 Paisa and they will charge 2.96 rs as connection fee per call.

You can buy credits for different denominations such as $2.99, $4.99, $9.99 and $14.99.

Please note that, for calling to India with Primo free minutes, they will charge you 3 free minutes from your balance for every minute you call, ie if you made a call for 3 minutes, you will be charge 9 free minutes for that call. This will be only applicable if you do not have credit in your balance. If you have credit purchased, they will charge 1 free minute for 1 minute call.

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