BSNL Revised Broadband Plans From April 1st 2024

BSNL revised its existing broadband plans and introduced a new one from April 1st, 2024, onwards. The new plan offers more benefits to customers.

Revised BSNL Broadband Plans 2024

Plan Name Speed Data Limit Price (₹) Total Price (Incl. GST)
Fiber Basic ND (Regular) 60MBPS 3300GB 449 ₹530.02
Fiber Basic Plus 60MBPS 3300GB 599 ₹706.82
Fiber Basic 100MBPS 4000GB 599 ₹706.82
Fiber Value OTT 125MBPS 4000GB 799 ₹943.82
Fiber Value Plus 150MBPS 3000GB 849 ₹1001.82
Fiber Super Star Premium Plus 200MBPS 5000GB 999 ₹1178.82
Fiber Premium Plus (OTT) 225MBPS 6000GB 1499 ₹1768.82
Fiber Ultra OTT 300MBPS 650GB 1799 ₹2122.82
Fiber Silver Plus OTT 500MBPS 7500GB 2799 ₹3302.82
Fiber Ruby OTT 1GBPS 3500GB 4799 ₹5662.82

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