6 Reasons Why you should use VPN on your iPhone

iPhones are popularly known for their top-notch security. What we mean is, you barely hear an iPhone getting hacked. That’s only because Apple’s security is excellent. However, it does not mean it cannot be compromised ever.

This is why you need a protective measure to secure your iPhone. And what better option do we have than a virtual private network. VPNs are pretty popular for iPhones and are used all across the globe.

They not only protect your device but also offer better internet speeds, access to geo-restricted websites, and a fantastic gaming experience.

In this blog, we’re going to list down all the reasons why you need to use a VPN on your iPhone. While you might know some of these reasons, you must’ve not thought of the rest.

After you’ve finished this guide, you can sit down and make research to find out what is a good VPN for iPhone instead of opting for any other VPN provider.

1. Avoid ISP throttling

If you are a heavy internet user, bandwidth throttling may be a significant problem. ISPs worldwide slow down the speeds of their frequent users to provide stable speeds to everyone.

So, if you love binging shows, playing games, or downloading files, then there is a possibility that your ISP limits your internet connection.

But, you can always avoid this by downloading a VPN on your iPhone. A VPN will mask your IP address and prevent your ISP from knowing what activities you’re performing. This way, they won’t be able to throttle your bandwidth.

2. Secure yourself on public WiFi

Public WiFi networks may seem like quite an advantage as they’re available in malls and airports but are extremely risky to connect to.

Usually, hackers lurk around on the network to steal your data. And you might fall prey if you’re not careful.

This is why using mobile data is always a safer option on your iPhone. But, in case you need public Wi-Fi, then please connect to a VPN service first.

A VPN encrypts your entire connection by creating a tunnel between the site you visit and your device, preventing all cybercriminals from snooping into your connection.

3. Unblock geo-restricted content

Geo-restrictions are a common issue when it comes to streaming services. Geo-restrictions prevent users from accessing the platform and enjoying its content due to their geographical location.

For example, BBC iPlayer is a popular streaming platform available only in the UK. If you live in the United States or anywhere else in the world, you won’t access this streaming platform.

This is where the need for a VPN comes in. Virtual Private Networks offers thousands of servers across the globe. By connecting to any of these servers, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions and access the content. In our case, we could connect to a UK server and unblock BBC iPlayer.

4. Improve your gaming experience

A virtual private network can improve your gaming experience as well. How? Well, when it comes to gaming, even the slightest lag in your connection might be beneficial for your opponent. This can greatly affect you if your scores are at stake.

However, you can reduce pings/lags on your connection using a VPN so you can have a better gaming experience. While VPNs are known to slow down your speeds as your traffic is routed through servers, you need to choose a VPN that’s known to offer fast speeds to users to have a smooth gaming experience.

5. Protection during online banking

Banking activities require the usage of some personal information and sensitive data to be protected at all costs. Unfortunately, your data can be breached quickly with a hacker lurking around on the connection.

This is why you need various layers of security when protecting your financial information. For example, you need a VPN service to have a secure banking experience on your iPhone.

A few premium VPNs like Surfshark offer a MultiHop feature that routes your traffic through various servers before connecting you to your banking site.

6. Bypass restrictions on apps and sites

If you’re a student or an employee, you must be familiar with the restrictions placed on social media and various other apps at your school/workplace.

This happens because these institutes limit internet usage and set up firewalls not to access these sites.

While they’re not wrong to do this, you can unblock them on your iPhone using a VPN. In addition, a VPN would help you pass through these firewalls and access any site you like quite easily.


iPhones are one of the most secure devices one can own. But, with a VPN, you’ll be even more secure over the internet than before. And also, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of geo-restricted apps, streaming sites, and games.

However, you should always look for a VPN known to offer robust security and other advanced features. If you’ve been thinking about a free VPN, then let us stop you right there. Free VPNs are quite risky. Previously, seven free VPNs leaked the data of 20+ million users.

This is why it’s always a better option to opt for a premium VPN service for your iPhone.

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