Den Broadband Issues – Service Failed to Manage Internet Connection During Lockdown

One of India’s top Internet service provider Den broadband is facing big issues during the lockdown. Den Customers are now experiencing frequent service outage every day. Before mentioning the issue in detail, we would like to tell some facts about Den and their service before.

As mentioned above, Den is one of the biggest broadband service provider in the market and they do have their presence in any part of the country with the help of local cable operators. We are using the service for the last 6 years and I am pretty happy about their service.

In the past years, we didn’t face that much issue and never got any service outage for a long time. The local support from the cable operator also was excellent, they do fix even the issues in a limited time period.

But now after the lockdown started, the experience with the service went in another way. We are aware that during the lockdown the data usage will be higher and we may experience some issue regarding the service and the bandwidth. But here in the case of Den other than the expected issues, users are experiencing downtime most of the time.

Issues faced by Den Broadband users

Now the issue is that the service is going down so frequently. Users are facing downtime, say 10-30 times a day. Initially, each downtime takes hours to get the service restored. Luckily now it gets restored in 5-10 minutes. But the issue is happening so frequently.

What we expected during the lockdown due to the large data usage, there will be a slow internet connection, but for Den, the Internet speed is consistent and the same, but the issue is the frequent drop in the connection.

We contacted the local cable operator and what we learned from them is that it is something from the main control center as they are facing some issues with the Mac Ids of the customer devices. Each time when we contact them, they are saying the same and what we learned from that is, they can’t even fix that issue even after a month.

What do in order to overcome the issue

As we all know, the issue is not in our hand and we cannot do anything related that, but if you are working from home and depending on the den broadband service and at the same time service outage is happening to you. We recommend you use a backup internet service even mobile data so that it won’t affect your work.

Den reduces data usage by disconnecting the session

Den also used to restart the session at 12 in the midnight. This was done during the lockdown to reduce continuous data usage. But this we can accept since it helps to reduce the usage of bandwidth.

Note: The above-mentioned issue is not happening to all the users of the Den Broadband, It is happening in only some area. If you are facing the issue please let us know in the comment section below.

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