What is WhatsApp Marketing? With Tips and Examples!

WhatsApp is regarded as one of the best platforms for direct customer communication. With an estimated 2 billion users, businesses should be open to making their brand more visible in this space. Especially by using a chatbot for WhatsApp, companies can effectively grow their brand awareness and reach a wider audience. One can streamline their sales processes and enhance customer experiences through WhatsApp marketing. So, this WhatsApp marketing guide will help you gain an informative insight into how to employ this marketing strategy to draw prospects and drive sales successfully. We’ll also highlight some real-life examples of companies that have benefited from this implementation.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp Marketing refers to marketing messages or promoting a brand via WhatsApp. It encompasses all the activities concerning promotion or marketing related to one’s business that occurs on WhatsApp. It allows businesses to be in contact with their customers effectively and efficiently. Since the app has a 98% text open rate, companies can be sure to reach a wider audience.

What was once a texting app made for friends and family can now be used by companies to grow their audience. Companies can do this by contacting their current customers to turn them into loyal ones. Moreover, companies can also use the app to convert potential customers into buyers. It can enable brands to build a more profound customer relationship, drive better sales, reduce the cost of marketing, and gain a higher conversion rate.

Thus, through WhatsApp marketing, businesses can adopt a modern approach to their sales processes and stay ahead of time.

5 Best Tips for WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing can be precious for companies in the age of digitization. From facilitating instant communication to convenient payment options, the platform can be used by businesses to achieve more profit and customers. Here are some of the best tips you can rely on to use WhatsApp marketing successfully.

Follow the WhatsApp Template Guidelines

Meta creates specific guidelines regarding WhatsApp campaigns. It includes parameters such as linking websites, displaying featured products, language choice, and, most importantly, formatting. Marketers must stick to these guidelines for user experience preservation. Hence, as a business, adhere to the same to ensure your messages get sent and delivered successfully. Following these rules and regulations will allow your marketing campaigns on the platform to run the way you intended to and gain more conversions.

Create Creative Content

WhatsApp marketing is easier to learn than other social media and digital marketing forms. This lack of difficulty implies that WhatsApp marketing should be used as an independent channel for marketing. In simple terms, do not copy the content of your other channels here. Instead, keep it original, unique, and creative. Copying might also lead WhatsApp to reject your message, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you think about creating content customized for your customers and well-curated to meet the platform’s rules.

Use WhatsApp Statuses

WhatsApp statuses have become phenomenal not only in the personal story-sharing space but in the business realm, too. You can share multimedia files and texts with your contacts, which will be visible for twenty-four hours. You can publish the update and use the option to share it on other channels, too. You can also receive customer feedback. From sharing product updates and updates of ongoing sales to promo codes and special offers, you can use it to garner more prospects as conversions.

Employ Group Chats

Group chats are a great way to not only help you know your customers but also help them connect. It is beneficial if you anticipate inter-customer discussions. They can exchange opinions and learn more about your business. It can have a positive influence on their purchase decisions. Businesses selling expensive products, such as industrial equipment, have successfully and widely implemented this approach. It can work well and facilitate benefits for all businesses.

Use Customer Segmentation

Businesses attract customers — some loyal, some casual. Some may want to follow your updates religiously, while others may neglect and not give them a second look. Therefore, segregating your customers is essential, and using an excellent WhatsApp business tool integrated with CRM can be highly beneficial. You can group the contacts and segment them according to their user behavior. You can then curate the messages and send them to your target audience with relevant content. It will ensure they receive engaging content and remain in contact with your business updates.

WhatsApp Marketing Examples

Several companies have leveraged WhatsApp marketing strategies to enhance their workflow and have a wider reach. As a result, they have witnessed an increase in their customer base, conversion rate, and overall revenue. Take a look at some of the best WhatsApp marketing examples mentioned below:

  • Personal Recommendations: Netflix does its best when providing personal recommendations to users. Once they extended this practice to WhatsApp, the company witnessed a rise in their users. Netflix allows users to opt in for personal suggestions, and if they agree, they will start receiving the same. It allows Netflix to maintain its interaction even with unsubscribed users.
  • Transactional Messages: Klook is an online travel platform that employs WhatsApp marketing strategically using transactional messages. By sending booking updates, notifications, and reminders, it keeps in touch with its customers. The company witnessed 40% customer retention and a 63% higher opt-in rate. Companies can imitate Klook’s WhatsApp marketing strategy to get similar results with their own target audience.
  • Real-Time Help: Gamescom: Event Guide is a company that employs whatsapp chatbots effectively to help and assist users on the go. This Gamescom event assistant provides real-time customer service and information for the annual Gamescom event. It yields convenience for the event attendant, who can gain all the event-related information anytime and anywhere.

Final Thoughts

The use of interactive messages, statuses, group updates, and more features makes WhatsApp marketing a precious digital marketing tool for businesses of all kinds. Build lasting relationships with your customers and grow your brand using this tool. Take advantage of the potential of WhatsApp marketing and maximize the reach of your business.

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