Four Reasons Why You Should Start Retargeting

Have you actually ever wondered why only a few people purchase from your website, if any at all, even if you get many visitors every day?

It may have something to do with what marketers call the “seven touches” that consumers need before they actually buy something or act on your call to action. And this is where retargeting comes in.

A digital marketing agency and all expert marketers know how powerful retargeting can be when done right. It follows the seven touches principle, which influences consumers to revisit your site and potentially convert.

Retargeting has been proven to make people revisit your website and make that sale. In fact, it has been reported that retargeting increases overall conversion rates of up to 128% in the eCommerce industry. And if this doesn’t make you start retargeting right away, here are some more reasons why you should.

Brand Awareness

One key aspect of growing a business is getting your brand in front of consumers. This exposure makes people know the brand and the products or services you have to offer.

Unfortunately, brand awareness will not always make them buy from you, even when they want to. Sometimes, consumers get distracted or have second thoughts, making them push thoughts of your brand to the back of their minds.

Thankfully, digital marketing agencies can retarget your visitors and strategically place ads on sites or apps they visit next. Thus, your target audience is reminded, and they think more about your brand, increasing revisits and conversion.


Retargeting allows digital marketing experts to work on people who already showed interest in your brand. Efforts are placed on consumers who visited your page or those who clicked on an ad. It means that the target audience is already known. Marketers only need to find where they go next and place ads on those areas.

With this strategy, your marketing team does not need to start from scratch, allowing you to spend less than you would have with regular targeting efforts.

Audience Reach

Knowing where your target audience goes and the places they frequent is a crucial step in starting a business. When you have identified this, reaching out to them becomes easier. However, you don’t have much control over such a wide scope, and your reach becomes limited.

But with retargeting, you become more effective and your audience more relevant. Your digital marketing team places ads on specific pages that your visitors also view, making a click-through or revisit to your site more likely.


Once your marketing agency incorporates retargeting into your marketing plan, insights about where your target market is found are gained. These insights help you create a better and more effective marketing plan that can guide you with your decisions and help your brand become more successful.

Retargeting allows you to reconnect with your site visitors. And sometimes, that reconnection is what pushes them to act. Then, you will be able to achieve your goal of increasing sales or even just getting a comment or a share from your audience, if that’s your aim.

With the effects that retargeting brings to a business, it is no wonder why the best marketers from the top digital marketing agency include this strategy in their marketing plans. And when a holistic campaign is developed, your brand will surely reach its goals.

So, if you want to know more about retargeting or want a complete and effective marketing plan for your brand, connect with the best marketing agency and start your journey to a successful business.

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