Well, for your sake and mine, I wish there was a certain trick we could use to know when a jackpot is about to go. It would even be better if either land-based slot machines or online slots had a tell.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, it is not possible to tell when a casino jackpot is about to go, at least not these days. In the past, slot machines were relatively simple and easy to cheat. That is not the case these days with advancement in technology. These days, slot machines use Random Number Generators (RNG) to determine the winner. The RNG calculates when it is time to win.

All licensed casinos use RNGs to determine the winners, which protects both the players and the house, keeping it fair. The regulating authority frequently tests the RNG under its area of jurisdiction. This makes gambling unpredictable, which is the essence of gambling. However, there are a few tips that might give you a better chance to win money, or reduce the amount of money you lose, tomato tomatho.

Check the Variance

Most casinos and software providers publish essential information about the slot. The published information includes the variance, return to player (RTP) rates, and the basic rules. Casino review websites are also reliable when looking for such information.

It is highly recommended that you don’t gamble blindly. Instead, make sure you understand your chances. The variance indicates the risk. We gamble for fun and hope to win, but we also have to be smart about it. This means that you have to reduce the risk as much as possible, and this involves playing low to medium variance games.

The Return to Player Rates (RTP)

The RTP is given as a percentile. It indicates the amount of wagered money that is paid back to the player over time. RTP rates are not direct indicators of when or how soon you’ll win, but they indicate the risk you are taking.

The “Must Award By” Amount

There are a few slot machines that indicate at what amount the machine must payout. You can choose the machines that are closest to the limit, but it is still not guaranteed that you’ll win the jackpot.


As much as we would like it, there is no sure way of knowing when a casino Jackpot is about to go. Just do your due diligence and hope for a win.

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