7 Budget-Friendly Smart Home Devices

In several ways, creating or building a new home (even from scratch) has never been easier. This is because today, people have access to various materials, tools, and technologies that are not only useful but also effective. In addition, today’s housing facilities market and players create all types of products for all customers – so everyone can get a good taste of comfort in their homes.

Modern technology has been revamping the way people live for a while now. However, when it comes to creating a home, technology doesn’t just help with construction, but it is also tremendously helpful when it comes to operating and maintaining it.

Today, several smart devices help with various processes and functions within a home. These devices are technology-enabled and help people perform their daily chores and tasks more smoothly and efficiently. But of course, as is the problem with acquiring all the best things in life, they can be expensive. So, this article will take a closer look at some budget-friendly smart home devices.


But before we jump in, students reading this should know that they can also use some of their smart home devices to help them with some of their work. For example, with the help of one’s smart speaker, one can run a voice search to find student services platforms on the internet.

Smart devices play their role in all areas of daily life. It can play its role in monitoring, effective management, productivity, etc. The smart devices also vary in their functional point too. For example, people use smart lights to control lights automatically; parents can control the smart light for their kids during the study. For instance, if the kids are working on some writing and the coursework writing went long, parents could set the light to dim automatically at a particular time to avoid strain on the kid’s eyes.

As said, the usability and its functional sides are endless these days. Those are handy in all areas. So, here are seven budget-friendly smart home devices in no particular order.

1. Smart Doorbells

A home is not only one’s sanctuary but is also a chest of all the treasures in one’s life. This means that the items in one’s house must be kept safely and securely. Unfortunately, conventional locks and doors no longer provide the protection people need. With a smart doorbell, people can add extra levels of security when they are both – in and out of their homes.

Today, smart video doorbells are available in different forms and shapes. Products from Google and Amazon are great, but they can be expensive as they require subscriptions for additional features. However, one can easily find several other one-time purchases that provide features like live-streaming, ample recording, and more.

Brands like Eufy, Amcrest, Scout, RemoBell, and Toucan provide great options.

2. Smart Air Quality Monitors & Filters

Keeping one’s home clean, fresh, and serene requires much more than a thought and semi-periodic practice. This is because the house, like anything else on the planet, accumulates various elements of the Earth. In this case, the elements would be dust, mold, insects, smells, smoke, and more. All of these, although sometimes natural, can disrupt one’s peace in their home.

A smart air quality monitor and filter could be the perfect solution to the poor air quality in one’s home. Depending on one’s budget range, one can select various products that help with the different elements of nature. An excellent smart air quality monitor and filter works hard to recognize potential hazardous threats and neutralize them swiftly.

Brands like Smartmi, Wyze, Ikea, Levoit Core, and Filtrete provide some excellent smart air monitoring and filtering options.

3. Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation)

One of the best ways of adding artificial intelligence to one’s home is by getting an efficient smart speaker. As the name suggests, a smart speaker is an audio-enabled device that can be spoken to or communicated. And so far, the results of using such devices to make one’s life smoother have only been great.

The Amazon Echo Dot is a top-quality and well-known smart speaker in the market today. One of the main functions of this device is that it acts as a remote control when connected with other smart devices as a part of home automation. This smart device can also help with daily tasks like setting reminders, getting appropriate answers to quick questions, discovering new music, and more.

4. Smart Coffee Machines

Most people worldwide, especially in Northern America, consume or even rely on coffee daily. Coffee, or caffeine, boosts energy, improves focus, and reduces the need to sleep. Conventional coffee machines are good, but imagine preparing your coffee just as you want without effort or time. Isn’t that a lot more efficient?

Depending on the quality of the overall machine, one can find smart coffee makers at various prices. With the ideal smart coffee machine, one can save a lot of money and time as they can drink their delicious cuppas from the comfort of their homes.

Brands like Hamilton Beach, Atomi, Keurig K-Supreme, and Goat Story Gina create great and affordable options.


5. Google Nest Mini

Everyone already knows that when it comes to modern technology for everyday use, Google is somehow already among the frontrunners. Google Nest Mini is another example of how the company provides greater ease in everyday life. After getting this device, all you need for anything is to simply ask after mentioning “Ok Google” or “Hey Google.”

Although Google Nest Mini is the most compatible with Google’s Pixel smartphone, it can also work well with others. In addition, the device itself comes in various attractive colors, a powerful microphone, a touch screen assistant, and a lot more.

6. Smart Light (Bulbs)

Although this technology is seen more often than ever, it’s still far from reaching its highest potential. This simply means that smart bulbs are the future to gain better and easier control over one’s overall lighting equipment. Why? Because these high-end and technologically powered LED bulbs can easily be controlled using remote devices.

Although some smart light brands can be slightly expensive, one can still find various competitive and valuable options on the market. For example, Wyze not only provides smart bulbs at $8 a pop but also provides an integrated app with various functionality controls.

Kasa, Sengled, Philips, LE, and Wyze are great affordable options.

7. Smart Thermostats

One of the best ways to keep one’s home temperature and atmosphere perfect is using a (smart) thermostat. A smart thermostat enables complete temperature controls that can easily be integrated with other smartphones or smart speakers.

With a smart thermostat, one can also control the temperature settings of their homes from remote locations. They will also be able to optimize their settings or easily change settings in case of phenomena like weather changes.

Brands like Google, Amazon, Ecobee, Honeywell and Wyze have great and affordable smart thermostat options.

The Bottom Line

Places like student dorm rooms are some of the best places to experiment with various affordable smart home devices. Not only can students pool their money together to get them, but they can also make good use of them, especially in areas related to their academics.

The above list provides a broad yet solid idea for installing smart home devices in one’s home. But, beyond this, one should also gauge their needs to find the proper devices that best fit them and their homes.

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