3 Best Home Projector Under Rs. 10000

A home projector plays an important role when you do not have a monitor screen at your home. It can be used as an alternative to a monitor screen when you want to show the images to a large group of audience. Of late, you can find many home projectors available in the market for the users. With so many options available, you are going to face some issues while choosing any one of them for sure. If you are planning to buy a gadget like home projector under your 10k budget, then you should choose the right one according to your needs and wants. Here are some of the best 3 home projectors under 10k only for you.

Portronics POR 624

Portronics POR 624 is a versatile and famous LED projector that can easily fit in a room of 10-20 people and help them clearly view the video or an image that is being projected. This home projector is really suitable for people to watch movies and images without any issues. It is available under 10k and you are surely going to afford it for sure. You can also play your favorite games whenever you want to from your iOS/Android/PC. It comes with several great features and it is really portable to carry for the users.

Vivibright LED Projector

Vivibright LED Projector is also a famous gadget which can support in projecting anything you are looking for. This home projector works with the help of the great glass lens and an LED light source which is mainly integrated with an efficient projection system. It would be better for you to understand that it is very portable and you are not going to face any issues while carrying it for sure. It has a decent and sold body that gives a perfect and premium look. It is available under 10k and much affordable when compared to others. It has a wide range of connectivity options like SD card slots, HDMI, 3.5mm and USB.


EGATE i9 LED Home projector is a consistent and quality performing home projector. It is available in a different range of different connectivity options available to the users. You are going to get the best experience by using the EGATE i9 home projector for sure. It has a native display resolution so that it will mesmerize you surely. It is specially made for Indian users and offers a long-lasting service. You should note that the LED lamp which has been integrated into this home projector consumes less power than other competitors in the market. This home projector is Fluctuation and Dustproof from various factors which can badly affect this great machine. The projector lens is also dustproof and you will be a crystal clear resolution on a bigger surface.

Finally, you are aware of the best 3 home projectors which are available under 10k for the users. I would personally recommend you to go for the EGATE i9 LED Home projector for its fast and great performance. Go for it now!

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