Security Risk in Showing 16 digit ATM Card Number to Someone

All the time, we all are receiving messages from our bank saying, not to reveal the ATM card number, CVV and PIN number to anyone including the bank official. The main purpose of the alert is to safeguard the customer from the risk of misuse.

But at the same time, most users have the doubt that, is there any risk in showing or telling the ATM card number alone to someone. We all know, that for any transaction using ATM card, we need the 16 digits card number along with PIN number or CVV number.

In India, all the debit card transaction is OTP based and for doing any transaction user needs additional OTP based verification too. So in the initial view, there is no chance of misuse if someone gets the card number alone. But this was not the case. Still there is a chance of misuse if the ATM card number alone is published or revealed.

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Let us see how it can be possible

Even though all the Indian ATM cards are provided with double security feature including OTP, there is also a chance of being misused only with the ATM card.

If the ATM card is enabled with international transaction, then that debit card can be used of online purchase without OTP in any Non-Indian websites. All the payment system outside India doesn’t required OTP based double security feature. Hence the payment can be done with only card number and CVV number.

Now, we have a doubt that, CVV number is also mandatory, so how transaction can be done with card number only. Here the tricky part comes, we all know that CVV number is a 3 digit number and hence there is a chance of easy guess. We cannot confirm that it can be successful in all the case, but there is a possibility of correct guess.

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Hence, we can say that, not in all aspect, but for some extend, there is a chance to get misused even with the card number alone.

Because of all these cases, even for verification purpose, the bank employees also ask for only the last 4 or 6 digits of the card. They never ask for the complete sequence. So, better to keep the ATM card number also private with you in all the case. This will reduce the risk of being misused.

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