Those who love surfing and watching anime stuff online are aware of Narutospot. The anime fans very well know the route to the place that is a hub to explore their love for this genre. This website has many advances in the name of a collection that belongs to anime videos. It acts as a portal that gives access to all the anime lovers and watches their favorite shows.

The best part about having your favorites online is that you can watch them at any time during the day and on any day of the week. What draws an avid anime watcher to a website is the user-friendliness of the website, presents a high-resolution picture, has commendable management and synchronization along the shows supporting view on smartphones and other smart devices.

NarutoSpot is people’s favorite owing to a lot of factors. Let’s have an idea about NarutoSpot first.

What is NarutoSpot

The other name for NarutoSpot is NaruSpot. This is a website that is home to an extremely huge range of anime shows and movies that belong to an excellent variety of genres. If you wish to have access to anything that finds its relation to anime, this website is no less than a portal for you.

All the anime lovers will second the fact that this website is nothing less than the best friend to share the tub of popcorn with while binge-watching all the lovely anime shows. All the Anime and Magna movies are available on this platform so your weekend plans just got better.

The best part about NarutoSpot is that it allows adjusting the shows for playing them on smart devices. This is what makes the website stand apart in competition from its competitors.

There are a lot of other advantages like a random selection, the latest updates, and much more. But, if you wish to explore some other fish in the pool too, here are some options for you.

Top 10 NarutoSpot Alternatives

These are our top 10 picks for you as an alternate to NarutoSpot and cater to your fondness for anime series, videos, and episodes.

1. Anime Lab

The first one on the list is a website that is almost like NarutoSpot. Anime Lab is available with a free feature that helps the users to stream the online videos wherever they feel like. The layout of this website is quite smooth and delivers a clean sweep. You can make use of any smart device like your phone or tablet to watch and explore your love for anime without any second thoughts.

2. KissAnime

This website is for anyone who is looking for an opportunity for streaming online videos or their favorite episodes from the series. The features helping in providing the best kind of user experience are what draws anime lovers to this website. You can opt for viewing free content and paying for the ones that are not available for free. You can opt for a plan up-gradation whenever you feel like it.

3. Crunchyroll

Another online anime website as an alternate to NarutoSpot is Crunchyroll. This website is home to all the music, series, and dramas that find their connection with anime. You have the choice to be a free user and a premium one. Opting for a premium plan allows you to watch all that this website has to offer. You can choose what you like as per your taste.

4. AnimeFreak

All that is available on this website is relevant to anime episodes and stories only. This is a standout for being the website having anime content only. This website has the maximum recent updates and supports online streaming. Clean navigation and excellent operations will help you hop on to your favorite episodes from the series that you love.

5. Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima is another website that has a clean interface and structure. If you hate advertisements in between watching the shows, this website is the best for you as it has a minimum number of ads. This is a better form of NarutoSpot. Also, this website has night mode so your eyes are safe.

6. 9Anime

If you are someone who is on a constant lookout for a library that gives you an unlimited supply of anime along with high-resolution streaming, this is the website for you. And if you avoid your love for anime due to your tough hand at Japanese, here’s something that you will love. This is one of the best alternates available as these series are available in the English language as well.

7. AnimeHeros

If you want to watch anime series and episodes for free, AnimeHeros is an excellent alternate. The episodes have sub-titles, English language dubbing and you can play it on your smartphone without compromising the privacy as well. All you need to do for your privacy protection is to install the application on your phone. 720p HD along with 1080p full HD is available for the users to choose and watch from.

8. Anime Planet

With as many as 45,000 anime series this website provides a free of cost anime tour and also lets the users build their library consisting of their favorite content to view anytime in the future. The structure is very reliable and the users term this website as user-friendly. Many features emerge as anime lovers’ favorites and thus, help Anime Planet to emerge as an excellent alternate.

9. Chia Anime

Chia Anime website helps you make use of some of the excellent features along with watching movies and series, best Asian drama picks, soundtracks, and much more. This website fits the taste of people who love watching anime series and the ones who are music-fanatics and have a craze for watching movies in general.

10. DarkAnime

The last one on the list is the one that is more like NarutoSpot. The infrastructure is sturdy that has support in the form of fast navigation and online streaming. All you need to do is fill in what you wish to watch in the search bar and get all your options within the blink of an eye.


These websites serve as the best alternative to NarutoSpot without providing any harm to your viewing experience of your special anime videos and series’ episodes. So, pick the one that suits your preference the most, grab your popcorn or ice-cream bucket and line up the episodes to watch as per your convenience!