What Are ITIL Foundation Certification Pre-Requisites

It services are used extensively by companies belonging to various niches- all over the world. Without using such services, businesses find it hard to sustain and make profits- as it is. However, ensuring diverse type of IT services, including software and web based services run well is not easy. To minimize risk of snags and avoid complications in handling such services, a majority of businesses resort to ITSM. IT service management tools serve as saviors for these organizations. Besides, by using such frameworks, the companies can ensure the IT services used by them get aligned to business objectives. A lot of MNCs adhere to ITIL- regarded as best IT service practice guidelines for managing and using ITSM.

Basics of ITIL

ITIL –which denotes Information Technology Infrastructure Library is used worldwide as an industry accepted guideline set for managing and utilizing ITSM in business setups. Its methodologies can be deployed to manage myriads of IT related service including email, cloud services, networking, hardware asset management in business environments. Its usage enables the businesses to reduce running cost, evade conflicts in using IT resources, enhance overall productivity, adapt to shifting market trends and offer more value to the customers.

First conceptualized in the UK back in the 1980s, ITIL has evolved and become more robust and comprehensive framework over the years. Since 2013, the ownership of ITIL was handed over to AXELOS, the entity that maintains the framework and also accredits the examination and training institutes. Now managed by AXELOS, the ITIL certification is segregated into 5 levels. These are:

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Master

The ITIL service lifecycle is made of five practice areas, also called phases and there are supporting principles within each of these phases:

  • Service Strategy
  • service operation
  • Service Design
  • Service Operation
  • Continuous Service Improvement

ITIL certification exams overview

The demand for ITIL certified professionals is on rise worldwide. The certification enables IT professionals with varying levels of expertise to widen career scope and shine in various IT service related domains. Every year thousands of IT professionals sit for various certification exams of ITIL. The ITIL certification exam is based on a credit system. The first step is clearing the ITIL Foundation exam. After achieving this certification, you can step up to the higher levels.

ITIL Foundation Certification

The ITIL Foundation certification is the starting point for aspirants seeking expertise in nuances of ITSM. It is comprised of the core concepts of ITIL. For appearing for this exam, you do not need much qualification. Of course, you will benefit by obtaining training for the exam. In this level, you will get basic ideas, terminology and concepts on five practice areas of ITIL service lifecycle.

This certification can be ideal for the following category of aspirants:

  • It can be useful for those candidates who need basic understanding of ITIL.
  • It is useful for professionals who want to learn how ITIL can be deployed to augment ITSM in a business setup.
  • This certification is useful for candidates working in a company where ITIL is deployed. If you want to get into such an organization obtaining the Foundation certificate will definitely be of use.

In other words, obtaining the ITIL Foundation certification may benefit anyone with interest in ITSM. As it is, a majority of professionals in top IT and non-IT companies including the MNCs sit for the foundation exam. Whether your job area involves providing customer support or maintaining PC networking in workplace- obtaining this certification can be helpful.

The pre requisites to sit for the ITIL Foundation Certification exam

As a matter of fact, you do not need too many certifications or qualifications to sit for the ITIL foundation certification exam. The exams are held by entities accredited by AXELOS.

ITIL Foundation exam training

Since this is a global Competitive exam, without obtaining proper training chances of passing can be slim. AXELOS has several ATOS or Accredited Training Organizations that offer training for this exam. Usually, you can opt for either distance learning mode training or typical classroom based training for this exam. Those who are already working usually opt for distance learning based training. The classroom training session for ITIL Foundation exam generally lasts for two to three days.

There are plenty of resources online that can be used for sample papers. You can get some useful links in the AXELOS websites itself. The ATOs typically offer mock test session for candidates who have enrolled for their ITIL foundation training sessions. Practicing these sessions is obviously going to increase your prospects of scoring high in the actual exam.

The Exam Format for ITIL Foundation

The ITIL Foundation certificate exam has multiple choice type questions. There are 40 questions and passing threshold is 65%. The exam has duration of 1 hour and it follows closed book format.

You can look up the AXELOS website for finding approved examination institutes conducting the ITIL Foundation exam. Some of the top institutes holding this certification exam include EXIN, BCS/ISEB and APMG-UK. However, you can also look for a nearby Pearson VUE examination center. The exam requires you to complete the registration.

The cost of ITIL foundation exam can vary based on your location, chosen exam center etc. The fee may also change over the years. If you choose a Prometric/VUE center- the approx cost could be around $150 or so.

What you get after passing ITIL Foundation exam

The ITIL Foundation certification remains valid all through life. However, passing this exam not only improves your career prospects and proves to be beneficial for your company- it also entitles you to other benefits.

After clearing the exam and obtaining ITIL Foundation certification, you are given ITIL Membership subscription for one year. The ITIL Membership is a web based subscription which gives you access to content and newest resources. These can be useful for applying the concepts learnt in ITIL Foundation exam in workplace scenarios. You can also be better prepared if you have aspirations to sit for the subsequent level in ITIL- Practitioner.

ITIL Foundation Exam preparation tips

Even though the ITIL Foundation is the beginner’s level in realm of ITIL- it will be a mistake to undermine the importance. Just practicing hard is not enough, you also need to know the right ways to practice.

  • In ITIL Foundation, you get only 60 minutes to answer 40 questions. So, time management is crucial to scoring well in the exam and clearing it. You should practice the sample papers and take the mock tests while adhering to time limit.
  • It would be good to utilize all types of resources when you prepare for the ITIL Foundation exam. If you enroll for an AXELOS accredited training provider- you will surely get enough resources and sample papers. However, you should not be content with that alone! Try to gather resources from the web. You can also look for printed resources. There are ITIL exam preparation books you can buy.
  • In the exam, some of the questions you face can be tricky. Ensure you read each question carefully so that you get the right meaning and choose the correct answer. Develop this habit when you go through the mock test sessions.

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