Tackle Cisco 100-105 Exam with Top-Rated Exam Dumps

Opening the story, Cisco Systems is one of the most recognized providers in the world of software, and in IT credentials, as well. This way, willing to upgrade your mastery in different tech concepts, opt to win one of the corporation’s credentials like CCENT, CCNA Routing and Switching, CCDA, CCNA Wireless, or CCNA Security. In particular, all these five badges become a step closer to you after passing 100-105 ICND1 exam.

More concretely, the post will focus on the first phase of earning the CCNA R&S certification through tasking 100-105 test. Also known as Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 1, this assessment validates your knowledge and skills pertaining to network and routing fundamentals, LAN switching technologies, infrastructure maintenance and services. The Cisco 100-105 exam is represented as 45-55 questions’ assessment with a time duration of 90 minutes.

It is after clearing this 100-105 (ICND1) test that you will also get to ace it’s second part, 200-105 (ICND2) assessment and upon passing the exam, become CCNA R&S certified. Otherwise, you can opt for taking integrated 200-301 CCNA assessment and link this as Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated.

Changes in Cisco Certifications

You should be also aware of the fact that the corporation has prepared the advanced consolidated 200-301 exam that leads to obtaining the CCNA certification to be issued on February 24, 2020. This new CCNA badge will replace 9 current associate-level badges, which include CCNA Cloud, Data Center, Security, Collaboration, Routing and Switching, to mention a few. If you are now learning for the CCNA R&S credential, continue your work because on the stated date, once completed before it, you will grasp CCNA Routing and Switching and also take the new Prepaway CCNA certification with a training badge.

If you are a student or a graduate looking to start a career in networking, you should certainly get CCNA R&S certified. There are some promising job roles for you to fill in once you get the credential. Some of them include network support specialist, network administrator, network field engineer, network field technician, network analyst, and system engineer. Note, that with this badge your average annual salary will estimate of about $77,000.

In this post, we will discuss the best ways to tackle the Cisco 100-105 test and move on to the next phase with ease, so, let’s get started.

1. Get Hands-On Experience and Knowledge with Vendor’s Courses

In order to pass the Cisco 100-105 exam, you need to boost both practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject. As said, the exam requires you to have fundamental expertise in the networking models. In case if you are a fresher, you must first get your basics cleared with an experienced professional or an instructor. In other words, you can learn with study materials provided online inside Cisco’s preparation tracks: training in a classroom with competent tutors, practical lab environments, or highly productive Cisco Virtual Routing Lab and Cisco Modeling Labs altogether.

Simply gathering the information is not all you need to do. You should subsequently perform a thorough study and test other networks while applying your knowledge. So, you need to prepare accordingly as you will face certain challenges during the exam.

According to experts, exam takers will have to obtain a solid understanding of the command-line interface. With this in mind, you’ll need to set up a lab at home to practice router and switch commands and learn how to configure them properly. Another important topic where you have to focus on is subletting that should become your another concern to tackle the Cisco 100-105 exam successfully.

Besides, you are highly recommended to use the Cisco Learning Network to practice for this test. It is basically both a platform and a community where you can post questions and get answers from people being good practitioners or just experienced test takers. This is a great place to clear out any doubts you have regarding the topics of CCNA Routing and Switching.

As you study for the exam, you have to be qualified enough to practice theoretical information in real-world networking and troubleshooting problems. For instance, you may be told to find alternative communication troubleshooting between network connections over IP since IP is unpredictable.

2. Get Appropriate Study Materials

When you are preparing for the Cisco 100-105 exam, it is important that you find the right learning options because valid study materials play a crucial role in helping you study and implement features. You can purchase books related to Cisco 100-105 exam and its CCNA R&S certification, take, at Amazon. For instance, choose to get the 2nd edition of a complete study guide for CCNA R&S by T. Lammle
Otherwise, you can seek guidance from fellow peers at your working place who will help you prepare for the exam efficiently.

3. Exam Dumps from PrepAway

Coming closer, exam dumps are the most beneficial tools to prepare for your Cisco 100-105 exam. These are files with questions and answers uploaded by people who have taken the Cisco 100-105 exam. Well, a site like PrepAway.biz is the foreground when it comes to finding authentic exam dumps for the first CCNA Routing and Switching certification test.

When visiting PrepAway.biz, you will come across both free and premium dumps. This way, premium-quality questions and answers that can be found inside 100-105 Premium Bundle are designed and reviewed by serious IT experts. That means you can rely on answers provided to these questions stuffed with extended explanations!

Having said that, exam dumps are a great way to prepare for your Cisco 100-105 test. They provide you with insight into how the questions will be put, their format, and more aspects. Follow a pragmatic approach when going through the questions and use PrepAway’s great ETE Exam Simulator to open your doors into the test learning environment.


If you are looking to make a career in networking, then getting the CCNA Routing and Switching certification will make your sailing smooth with exam dumps. It will add great value to your resume and make you marketable in the field.

As there are no prerequisites to appear for the Cisco 100-105 exam, you won’t need any degree to take it. Thus, if you have just finished high school, you can opt to take any preparatory course and ace the test fluently.

Herewith, getting early exposure to your coveted tech area is a great thing. And since the certification expires in every three years, it would be great if you take the course now to have a competitive edge over other candidates.

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