Few Issues With Mokee ROM For Lenovo Vibe Shot

Mokee is one of the favorite custom ROM for Lenovo Vibe Shot users, since there are no so much custom ROM available for the handset yet. Many people who wish to have latest version of Android on their Lenovo Vibe Shot uses Mokee ROM. Mokee actually was a good option to try which gives stock ROM experience with Android 7.1 Nougat loaded for your phone. However, there are few major issues with this ROM, which we may find difficulty in normal usage.

Let see some of the major issues with Mokee 7.1 ROM for Lenovo Vibe Shot

1. Contact Sync Issue

Many users are facing this issue, since the contact syncing will not work on your phone. For some reasons, if you update the Contact Sync Application, it may sometimes sync, but soon will stop. So the syncing will become a major problem here with Mokee ROM.

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2. Play Store Incompatible Apps

This is one major issue with the Mokee ROM, after flashing the ROM, you will find most of the previously used application seems to be incompatible for your phone when you try to install them from the Play Store. Most applications will display a message saying “your device is not compatible with this version”. Resetting, updating the play store app or play service will not fix this issue and the only option to use those application is to manually download the apk file from 3rd party website like apkmirror.com or other site and install yourself.

Initially we can do it by our self, but later when new version comes for each application we need to do it all the time and may find difficulty.

3. Wifi Tethering Issue

Sharing your mobile internet with other device was not easy on Mokee ROM, since the Portable Wifi Hotspot always shows error when mobile data enabled. The only option here is to use 3rd party application from Play Store.

4. App Force Stop

Most of the application on the phone will force stop frequently and you have to relaunch those application again to use.

5. Power Off when Weak Wifi Signal

If your phone is connected to wifi and in some cases if the wifi signal is too low, the phone will vibrate for 3,4 second and turns off automatically. It will not happen always but i experienced it multiple times.

These are few issues i faced with the ROM and if you are getting other issues, please let me know that too.

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