4 Ways Cloud App Hosting Platforms Makes Life Easier For Developers

At one point in time, everyone has had the idea for the next big app idea. But unfortunately, that idea doesn’t often come to fruition. It could be for many reasons; other life commitments could get in the way, or you may not have the necessary coding knowledge.

However, one hurdle that can be easily avoided does not have the resources to handle the hardware infrastructures needed to keep your app running.

The solution for this problem is a cloud app hosting platform, and in this article, we will examine four benefits they provide to software developers to make their life easier.

Handles Hardware So You Can Focus on Software

Many people have the skills and the inspiration required for the next great app; however, they lack the resources needed to run the idea. Server space and hardware infrastructure are cost-prohibitive entry barriers to new developers.

Cloud app hosting platforms solve this issue by leasing and maintaining their extensive hardware and server system to developers and allowing developers to focus their energy on writing the software code and developing their apps instead of the logistics required to get their ideas off the ground.

Adaptively Scales With You Internet Traffic

It seems like a good problem to have when your app succeeds. However, if you aren’t equipped to handle the traffic, it could shut your entire system down, and a success story can quickly turn to a cautionary tale as your existing losers leave in droves.

This is why large web developers always allocate a significantly larger server capacity than their average traffic would require. If they see a spike in traffic, they have the resources to handle it.

Unfortunately, smaller developers spending the resources to handle theoretical web traffic is unlikely to be within the budget. It is here where cloud app hosting platforms can greatly benefit developers.

Cloud app hosting platforms adaptively scale with your applications’ current traffic. Meaning if your app sees a sudden spike in traffic, the cloud app hosting platform has the resources and infrastructure to handle it, but on average or below average days, the platform scales down, so you are never paying for more than you need. This allows for a continuity of service at the best price point available.

Manage Multiple Apps And Their History

Most web developers operate and run multiple applications at once. Cloud app hosting platforms allow you to easily manage and organize your portfolio of projects through their dashboard.

In traditional methods, you would have to open each app on the back end to get a comprehensive view of the status of your application. With a cloud app hosting platform, you can get detailed diagnostics of all your applications and their version history at a glance through the dashboard. And if any problems are occurring, you can easily reinstall a previous version stable version of the app until you get the problem fixed.

Advanced Security Options

Every major tech company allocates an absurd amount of resources to its cyber security departments. This is because the internet and how people navigate are care constantly evolving. So to potential battle threats, tech companies have to stay updated on the latest developments.

Small tech companies often can’t afford that level of vigilance. This is where a cloud app hosting company steps in. They have the resources and knowledge to keep up to date on the latest trends, and by letting them handle the hardware and back-end software, they can automatically update your software to keep your app running smoothly.

Get Started On Your App With A Cloud App Hosting Platform

As demonstrated, cloud app hosting platforms can tremendously help developers get their apps off the ground. Believe it or not, this is only scratching the service of the benefits they can provide developers, so if you think you have the next great idea, don’t hesitate to contact a cloud app hosting platform to get started.

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