In today’s world, individuals need to communicate to complete their tasks in a coordinated manner. Therefore, different types of messenger software were developed. Unfortunately, the advent of these messengers created new challenges for users in the business environment. Some of these security challenges include the following.

Challenges in the Business Environment

1. Malware

Viruses are computer bugs that can be transmitted over the Internet through instant messaging. If a virus is sent via a messenger and downloaded to a system, and someone opens it, it can infect an entire system.

2. Spyware

Competitors can deploy spyware in disguise as a messenger and use it to monitor an organization’s activities. Doing this can steal business secrets, company policies and procedures, new products and services, upcoming marketing strategies, key employees’ data, and contact information.

3. Risk of Data Breach

Hackers can gain access to corporate networks and retrieve valuable information that they can use to steal company secrets and sell them to rivals. Someone can also install malicious software into your system and eavesdrop on conversations. This type of software is called a key logger, which records all the keyboard and mouse clicks on the user’s system.

The Solution

As a result of these challenges, users are looking for the best business chat software to resolve their communication challenges. Softros LAN Messenger is a very reliable and effective software you can use in your enterprise environment.

What is the Softros LAN Messenger?

Softros Messenger for team chats is an easy-to-use instant LAN messaging software that allows you to chat with your co-workers or team members in real-time securely. This messaging app has several communication features, including the following.


1. Instant PC-to-PC Messaging

This feature enables you to chat on a computer system with another user in real-time. It will automatically detect the other copies of the application, meaning no complex configuration is needed.

2. Offline Messaging

The offline messaging feature enables users to chat with other users even when they are offline. The user on the other side will be able to access the chat while they are back online.

3. Group Chat Rooms

This feature enables you to create a group chat room and share information with other co-workers in real-time.


4. Broadcast Messages

This feature lets you quickly send messages to selected individuals or LAN groups about new events such as conferences, training sessions, or policies.


5. Drag-and-Drop File Transfer

This feature allows you to quickly transfer files and folders from one co-worker’s computer to another within the local network.


Advantages of Using Softros Messenger

1. User Friendly

One of the main advantages of Softros Messenger is that it is simple to set up and use. The simple interface makes it easy for any level of user to access and use. In addition, the communication features, such as the drag-and-drop file transfer, are easy to use, making the entire process of sharing files and documents more efficient.

2. Maintainable and Scalable

Softros Messenger is very easy to install and maintain, which means that your organization can save a significant amount of money by not having to purchase software separately. In addition, with one Softros Messenger, you receive all the features you need to operate your messaging efficiently. Another additional benefit is that it doesn’t require a server to operate, which means that a single user can control multiple systems from one computer, making it a more efficient tool for LAN chat.

3. Increased Productivity

With Softros Messenger, users will receive real-time updates about what is happening in the office, saving time and utilizing their full productive potential.

4. Encrypted Communication To Enhance Security, Safety, and Privacy

Softros Messenger supports the SSL security protocol for encrypted communication. It keeps communication private and hidden from others when data is sent from one computer to another. This is done by encrypting the messages with AES-256, so anyone outside the local area network will be unable to read them. Encryption also plays a major role in saving your internet bandwidth and minimizing the number of opened firewall ports that can potentially lead to IM worms or hacking.

5. High Availability and Reliability

Softros Messenger ensures high availability and reliability by providing a state-of-the-art built-in cluster serverless architecture for deploying a highly available messaging system. This feature is designed to increase network stability, ease management tasks, and protect your investment in case of hardware or software failures in your local area network.

6. Flexibility

Softros Messenger provides an unmatched level of flexibility by offering a wide range of features that will help you run your organization better, more efficiently, and with more productivity. The built-in messaging tools, such as the file transfer option, broadcast messages, and the chat room feature, can make your business more efficient and productive.

7. Active Directory and Domain Support

Softros Messenger allows you to integrate any number of active directory domains and workgroup domains in your organization to ensure that your messaging system is compatible with the network structure of your organization. This feature helps you create user accounts based on your company’s organizational structure.

8. Ability to Restricting User Access

Softros Messenger allows you to restrict the access of specific users by creating separate user accounts. This helps you protect your company’s information and prevent users from sending inappropriate messages or sharing confidential information in violation of the rules and regulations of your company.

9. High Performance

Softros Messenger is one of the fastest data-transferring solutions in the world, which gives it a competitive advantage. The efficient way the software handles file transfer, message queuing, and broadcasting is due to the advanced serverless architecture.


An effective and efficient communication system is crucial to your business’s survival. Softros Messenger provides a quick and easy means of establishing secure messaging in the LAN, solving any issues you may have with communication, and providing your company access to an integrated suite of messaging and collaboration tools that will help enhance productivity. Download the application and try the fully-functional version for free.

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