Official App for Covid 19 Tracking in US

Google and Apple put a strict restriction on all the covid 19 app on both PlayStore and App Store. To avoid the spreading of false information, both Google and Apple are going with a full review of the app and only allow official apps for covid 19 trackings.

After the outbreak of the covid, 19 pandemics Google released a new API called Google’s ENS API (Exposure Notification System). The Exposure Notification System API aims to provide accurate information for tracking covid 19.

In this artcile, we list some of the COVID Exposure Notification System apps for covid tracking released by various US states with the play store, so that you can download covid 19 tracking app.

State App Name
Alabama GuideSafe
California California COVID Notify
Colorado CO Exposure Notifications
Connecticut COVID Alert CT
Delaware Covid Alert DE
Guam Guam Covid Alert
Hawaii AlohaSafe Alert
Maryland MD COVID Alert
Michigan MI COVID Alert
Minnesota COVIDaware MN
Nevada Covid Trace Nevada
New Jersey COVID Alert NJ
New York COVID Alert NY
North Carolina SlowCOVIDNC
North Dakota, Wyoming Care19 Alert
Oregon Oregon Exposure Notifications
Pennsylvania COVID Alert PA
Washington, D.C. DC CAN
Washington WA Exposure Notifications
Wisconsin Wisconsin Exposure Notification

Image Credits: CGTN

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